Community Tips for Keeping Up with Business Trends

Community Tips for Keeping Up with Business Trends

Trends are constantly changing in the business world. But keeping up with those trends is critical and can help your business really stay competitive and profitable in a very competitive market. Members of the small business community have some advice for keeping your business ahead of the curve. And they’ve shared some tips and input below.

Focus on the Future of Your Business

When running a business, you have to constantly look to the future to plan and create goals. In this week’s Ignite the Gears Podcast, Small Business Trends CEO and founder Anita Campbell was honored to be interviewed about some upcoming trends that may impact the future of your business.

Avoid These Digital Marketing Strategies

Not every trend in the business world is worth your time. In fact, there are several tactics when it comes to digital marketing that you should really avoid. In this post, Andy Nathan shares some input from business leaders about the digital marketing strategies you should stay away from.

Understand the Value Chain

Cate Costa explains in this post how, in the case of a silk scarf, one stop in the value chain might be a silk refiner who spins raw silk into yarn. Another stop might be where the silk is dyed and so on leading eventually to the retailer. The key is to understand what stop along the value chain your business occupies and whether you can position yourself to add more value and bring in better margins. There’s more conversation surrounding this post in the BizSugar community as well.

Use Cloud Computing to Help Your Startup

Cloud technology is huge in the business world right now, and for good reason. Using this technology can help your startup communicate, get mobile and grow. Joy Mali goes into more detail on the subject in this SteamFeed post.

Personalize Your Web Content

Creating content can really boost your brand online. But if your content isn’t relatable and specific to your target readers, you may not reach them. In this post on the Web Design Ledger blog, Robert Moseley shares some tactics for Web content personalization and how it can help your business .

Master Mobile Usability for Content Marketing

If your content isn’t usable for people on mobile devices, you’re likely missing out on a huge opportunity. In this post, Neil Patel explains the importance of mobile usability for content marketers along with some tips for making your content as mobile friendly as possible.

Use These Expert Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016

Social media marketing is a concept that’s constantly evolving. So it’s important for your business to try to keep up with the latest trends and strategies. This post by Antonio Tooley on Social Media Today includes some expert tips for social media marketing that you can use now. And others chime in with their thoughts here in the BizSugar community.

Get Your Content to Go Viral

“Going viral” is a popular goal for online content creators. Though not many ultimately achieve this viral success, there are some types of content that are more likely to go viral than others. On the RightMix Marketing blog, Rick Riddle shares eight types of content that are likely to achieve your viral marketing goal.

Start Paying for Real Results on Social Media

Part of the appeal of social media is that you can use it to promote your business without any monetary investment. And while you still can use most platforms for free, you may be able to get even more out of those platforms if you pay, as Blaise Lucey details in this Marketing Land post.

Build a Campaign and Audience on Instagram

Instagram is growing in popularity as a social platform for businesses. But some are still unsure about how to use the photo sharing app to start campaigns and grow an audience. Here, Donna Amos shares some Instagram tips on the Work at Home Woman blog. And the BizSugar community discusses the post further here.

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  1. Personalizing content and getting it viral are very important nowadays. It is no longer about just creating content. It also needs to be of some use to the people who will read it.