12 Yummy Cookie Businesses on Etsy

Cookie Businesses On Etsy

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Who doesn’t love a good homemade cookie?  No one!  Know what’s even better than good homemade cookies?  Not having to leave your home to get them!

Platforms like Etsy have given cookie enthusiasts an easy way to enjoy baked goodness and bakers a way to sell their creations to the masses.  Below are a number of cookie businesses on Etsy selling homemade goodies and spreading cookie joy.

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Yummy Cookie Businesses On Etsy

Nasdy Morales, LexiBell Baked Goods

One of the Cookie Businesses On Etsy: LexiBell Baked Goods

Morales’ shop is full of decorated sugar cookies in various styles and flavors, along with chocolate chip cookies, and even items like chocolate dipped pretzels.

Morales told Small Business Trends, “I named my shop after my two daughters Alexa and Isabella (LexiBell). Becoming a mother totally changed my life for the best. My husband and I decided that it would be best for me to stay home and care for our girls.  I became aware of how important diet is. To me that meant cooking and baking at home. This is how I discovered my love of baking.

“I started with my best seller, Chocolate Chip Cookies. Family and friends raved about how good they were. So, I decided to put them in the shop. Slowly I added other items and now offer various designed cookies. Its also my creative outlet.”

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Lindsay Schoenherr, Just 4 You Treats

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - just4youtreats

Just 4 You Treats offers decorated sugar cookies and even custom designs for special occasions.

Schoenherr says, “My favorite part of my shop is creating edible art that brings joy to my clients. We have yet to have a design request we can’t create and having endless opportunities to express my creativity, lights a fire within me.”

Erinn Johnson, Clearpink

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - ClearPink

Clearpink is an Etsy shop full of a variety of different cookies. Johnson has chocolate chip, brownie cookies, shortbread thumbprints and even homemade Oreos. The shop also provides cookies for weddings, showers, birthday parties and other large events upon request.

Kelsey Behrend, Little Prince Cookies

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - Little Prince Cookies

Little Prince Cookies offers unique and even custom cookie designs, including those for kids’ parties, holidays and other special occasions.

Behrend says, “For anyone wanting to sell food items on Etsy, make sure you are well acquainted with your state’s laws. Almost every state has a Cottage Law that applies to selling food items that are made at home. You can get the information you need from your local health department. Often all that is needed is a kitchen inspection, and proper ingredient and allergy labeling.”

Laura Maguire, Maggie’s Bake Shoppe

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - Maggie’s Bake Shoppe

Maggie’s Bake Shoppe provides cookies that are made to order. There are cookies in different shapes and designs, even those displaying popular characters and symbols. Or, you can order cookies for large events.

Maguire says, “Hands down, my favorite part is when a customer contacts me with a custom order and afterwards, takes the time to reach out to me and let me know how much they loved the final product. Most of my products are made to order and 9 times out of 10 have some sort of custom aspect requested by the customer. For them to let me know that I created something as good or better than they imagined always gives me a great sense of accomplishment.”

Lisa He, LHEBakes

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - lhebakes

He’s shop includes a variety of unique cookie designs. The shop even includes popular characters from movies, books and series like Star Wars.

She says, “I was already baking for friends, family, neighbors, and gotten great feedback. Thought this would be a great creative outlet for me and to share my goodies with others– bring a small bit of cheer into someone’s life.”

Judit Mizser, talkabout sweet

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - talkaboutsweet

Talkaboutsweet has cookies, brownies, croissants and even homemade bread. The cookies come in many different flavors like lemon, sugar, peanut butter, and cranberry.  Free local delivery in Palatine, Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove Illinois.

Sarah Craig, Sugar Berry Sweets

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - sugarberrysweets

Sugar Berry Sweets is full of iced sugar cookies with unique themes and decorations. Owner Sarah also has a downtown bake shop in Phoenix.

She says, “My favorite part of running the shop is the interaction with my customers, how personal it gets and hearing where the cookies will end up. I’ve had people telling me that it’s to comfort a family member, or to cheer up a co-worker. I love to hear that our product can bring joy to our customers. I enjoy reading the reviews and seeing pictures of the dessert tables where the cookies end up as well.”

Elizabeth Walsh, SweetArt Sweets

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy -Sweet Arts Sweets

SweetArt Sweets is a shop full of artfully decorated cookies. Elizabeth only uses the best ingredients in her cookies, and manages the entire process from start to finish herself.   Cookies are vanilla-almond or chocolate based with royal icing decoration.  All cookies are made to order and stay fresh in heat sealed packaging for up to 2 weeks. There are cookies made to look like animals, ballerinas, and even paintings.

Jenna Park, Whimsy & Spice

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - whimsyandspice

Park and her husband Mark Sopchak are the founders of Whimsy & Spice, which sells cookies, marshmallows and other baked goods on Etsy and in retail locations in New York and beyond.

Park says, “When we first launched our business, we loved how easy it was to start selling our products online without the hassle of trying to figure out our own e-commerce solution right away. Opening a shop on Etsy enabled us to get a jump start on growing our business beyond our local retail customers.”

Melissa, Truly Scrumptious Cookies

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - Truly Scrumptious Cookies

Truly Scrumptious Cookies is a shop full of unique iced sugar cookie designs. You can even get custom cookies with any combination of icing colors that the shop offers. Cookies are iced with a soft glaze, decorated by hand with royal icing and made with high quality butter and vanilla.  Cookies ship every Monday and Tuesday unless special arrangements made.

Kelly Almeida, Sweet Rose Bakery

One of the cookie businesses on Etsy - Sweet Rose Bakery

Sweet Rose Bakery has all kinds of cookies and other baked goods, including banana bread and flavored spice sugar. You can even create your own cookie if you have something specific in mind.

And Etsy is just one place you can find homemade cookies online. Though the rules vary from state to state, so some bakers aren’t able to sell cookies made in their home kitchens, there are plenty of online shops for small bakers to sell their cookies and other baked goods.

There’s even a whole new online marketplace just dedicated to cookies and similar food products but for now, enjoy these super yummy cookie businesses on Etsy!

To learn more about selling on Etsy, read: How to Start an Etsy Shop

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  3. I live in California and have just been reading the rules for cottage industries and they state that a CFO can’t sell their cookies out of state or on-line. They can only be delivered in the same county that you live in. Does this depend on what state you live in whether you can sell your home-baked goods on-line to ship out? Does Etsy check this out? I am pretty sure that I have seen people from California selling bake goods on California, so I am wondering if I can also?