10 Tools for Creating Music for Videos on the Cheap

creating music for videos

Creating music for videos requires some level of talent and it might be expensive, too.

Luckily, the advent of the Internet brought along many affordable, and sometimes even free, online tools for creating music for videos and podcasts. All you need is a decent Internet connection, a computer and one of these tools below. However, you need to check on the legality of using beats and music created on each site.

Tools For Creating Music For Videos

Music Shake

This is a beginner’s tool for creating music for videos that is a little less complicated. Music Shake allows users to create, share and also listen to their creation for free. All you are required to do is to select your desired instruments, the tempo that you want to work with and you’re good to go. Once you are done creating, you can save and publish your work online.

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Audio Tool

This is a fully-fledged tool for creating music for videos that gives you the chance to start your creation from scratch or work on a template as soon as you launch the app. One of the most attractive Audio Tool features is that it allows the user to control of each and every aspect of the music. Users can create and also manage connections between devices. The interface can be a little bit complicated for beginners, but there are plenty of tutorials online that will help. Like Music Shake, you can publish your work online. You can also download and use your music.  It all depends on your chosen license.


This is among the simplest online tools for creating music for videos. Otomata uses cellular automation logic to produce sound events. The interface is pretty simple to understand and use.


AudioSauna is a free music software for making songs online. This software quickly transforms your web browser into a fast and flexible music production studio with live effects and built-in synthesizers. Featuring two oscillators, AudioSauna is clearly an easy tool for creating all the vintage analogue sounds from soft pads.


This is another tool that allows you to create music for videos on the cheap. Soundtrap allows you to use the instruments available within the software, plug in your own instrument or just record a song directly with your computer microphone. It works with Android tablets and phones, Linux and ChromeBooks, Windows, iPad as well as Mac machines. With this software, you can start, edit and collaborate all your recordings from wherever. You can also publish and share your music on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter. There are free, pro and premium versions to pick from.

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Incredibox is a clean and neat website that allows users to create unique sounds and music from a drag-and-drop menu. The site allows users to experiment with different instrumental sounds, choruses and sound loops to create their own music. The site is available in both English and French and is extremely user-friendly.


This is one of those online platforms that are great for creating music for videos. If you have ever used Apple’s Garage Band, then Soundation will look quite familiar to you. Create your own original work using the more than 400 free sounds that are available in the platform’s gallery. You can upload your own sounds for remixing or record new sounds using the keyboard and instruments that are built into the platform. Soundation also allows for downloading and sharing of created music. The platform has a free version and you can always upgrade to the premium services for more services.


UJAM is an online service that seeks to make everyone a singing sensation. You don’t have to have a great voice to use this platform. To get started, simply play an instrument or sing while recording on the platform. When done, use UJAM to alter your voice, adjust tempo, turn your voice into other sounds, remix a song to include your recording, plus a lot more. This is a completely free platform.


At first glance, JamStudio’s interface looks a bit complicated but it’s actually pretty simple to use once you get used to it. The service gives the user the option to create music using any 4 chords. You can as well adjust the tempo, choose guitar, drums or any other instruments. You can save your mixes and have them emailed to you whenever you want once you pay for the all access service, which costs $3.95 per month. They also have a free service.


Creating music for videos online doesn’t have to be complicated at all and that’s the idea that Jukedeck has been built on. This online service allows you to specify the kind of music you want, the instruments you want, and the length of the track. Afterwards, it automatically creates the music for you. You also get 5 free downloads every month if you are using the free service.

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  1. I will tell you one thing. I am not that good with music. Sure, I love to listen to it. But I did not think that you can create your own. This is definitely an interesting thing to learn.

  2. Antony: Will these tools work with GarageBand?