Will Robots Be Cleaning Our Offices in The Future?

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robot house cleaning ECOVACS Deebot D63S

A robot revolution has been the stuff of movie and literary fiction for a long time. Often times, depictions of that revolution are gory and end when the last humans are whipped out by the machine.

In reality, the robot revolution is turning out to be a lot friendlier and pretty helpful, too. Imagine Rosie the robot maid in the 60s Hanna-Barbera cartoon “The Jetsons” working in your office.

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The multi-surface ECOVACS Deebot D63S is a robot as benign as they come, whose only objective is to keep your floors clean.

What The ECOVACS Deebot D63S Can Do

D64S-4-660x459 Deebot

The Deebot D63S is essentially an intelligent vacuum cleaner with four cleaning modes to tackle the different surface of your home.

The Deebot D63S can be controlled from the LCD panel on the unit or a remote control and can be scheduled to automatically start cleaning your floors as soon as you leave your office or home.

The vacuum starts cleaning once it decouples itself from the charging station. The robot then proceeds to clean your hardwood, carpet, and ceramic floor at only 60 decibels, which is the same level of noise as a normal conversation at three feet.

A specially designed agitator brush with a double helix bristle pattern lift dust and dirt from bare-floors and carpet while the vacuum places the dirt into the dustbin and filter. The Deebot cleans the various surfaces with equal efficiency using its four cleaning modes

  • AUTO – everyday vacuuming
  • INTENSIVE – deeper cleaning
  • EDGE – cleaning along baseboards
  • SPOT – specific area cleaning

While the Deebot D63S is cleaning, it uses 10 forward-facing anti-collision sensors to detect and avoid all of the objects in your house or office. This includes three anti-drop sensors so the Deebot D63S doesn’t go hurling down the stairs as well as a propriety dust detecting technology which allows it to identify different type of dirt.

Even the dustbin of the Deebot D63S has been designed with a purpose. The bin is specially treated to avoid bacterial growth along with three layers of filtration to ensure the dust remains in the receptacle.

In addition to its family of automated vacuum cleaners, ECOVACS also has a window cleaning robot, an air cleaning robot for your car, and a family robot that brings all of your connected devices together for entertainment and home security, to get your house ready for the smart home revolution.

Robotic cleaning technology has made dramatic improvements, but that doesn’t mean they will be replacing cleaning services for the foreseeable future. The act of cleaning the space you live and work in is more complicated than you might think, so the best you can hope for now is a robot that does floors — and maybe windows.

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Robot house cleaning photo via shutterstock


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6 Reactions
  1. Robots are great. But I think that it has some downsides. First, a real human being loses a job because of it. Plus, it is fixed on cleaning and cannot take on other tasks.

  2. Have you seen the live robot presented in Japan? It seems that more than doing tasks, robots can also become like real people.

  3. Interesting that they are able to invent something like this. In the future, we may have robots working for us in almost all the tasks that we need to do.

  4. Robots are replacing humans in factories, and now they are in the service industry including cleaning services, too. The new robots can talk, vacuum the carpets, clean the windows, and even patrol your home when you are not there.

  5. Wow!!!! I loved that robot! I want one for home! I do own a cleaning company but I want something like this at home so it could do the everyday small jobs and for me to be those that require deep cleaning.

  6. Hi Motivated Home Cleaners,
    I am glad to hear someone in the cleaning industry speak out. As you rightly pointed it out, this is great for everyday small jobs. But when it comes to the deep and thorough cleaning, people will still be needed. Let us know how it works out for you if you decide to buy one.

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