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  1. Reviewing the seller’s portfolio and reviews can show you a lot. I’ve gotten some great work from Fiverr and the speed is unbeatable.

  2. Fiverr used to be underestimated because of the price. Surprisingly, there are some really talented people there. That is if you are willing to do a few trials and see if they are good. It would not have grown this big for nothing.

  3. I’d heard of Fiverr, but had no idea of the diversity of the talent there. I’ve bookmarked your article and will investigate Fiverr this week. I’m excited and hoping to stumble upon some new ideas there!

  4. You’re trying to shit on Fiverr because of a human downside (these sellers have an incentive
    to provide copyrighted material, so yes it is a human problem) that may
    be found anywhere you look.