eBay Now Selling eBay Branded Boxes for Sellers

eBay branded boxes

eBay has introduced a new way to get its name in the public eye with its eBay branded boxes but it may not be a profitable option for a lot of small business sellers.

The online auction and ecommerce site just launched its eBay Shipping Supplies Store. From this store, eBay sellers can purchase shipping boxes and other supplies emblazoned with the familiar eBay logo.

This is certainly a welcome option for eBay sellers who are short on shipping boxes or other packing materials.

eBay Branded Boxes Now Available

Currently at the new eBay store, users can purchase 10 different kinds of shipping boxes and seven different types of envelope mailers.

The boxes range in price from $17 to $27, depending on the size, for a pack of 25. For the larger “airjacket” bubble mailers and“polyjacket” mailers, prices range from about $20 to $34 for packs of 100. All orders are shipped free and eBay says all orders are being processed by a third-party distributor which ships the boxes.

According to an eBay release announcing the new store, the eBay branded boxes are made of 100 percent recyclable materials.

“We’re not only excited to introduce eBay branded shipping supplies to our customers, but to do so in a cost-effective, eco-friendly and convenient manner that satisfies the needs of our sellers,” Manish Joneja, the head of eBay’s North America Shipping Business, says.

eBay says it plans to add shipping tape and other supplies in the future.

If a lot of sellers latch on to the idea of purchasing these eBay branded boxes and then use them to ship items, it’s possible that these eBay boxes will start to rival the presence of Amazon shipping boxes, which seem to be everywhere.

That’s good brand awareness and if you’re selling on eBay, it’s a good idea to show others that people are still buying things on the site.

However, if you’re trying to grow your own brand on eBay, these boxes may not be the most ideal. And at nearly a dollar per box, they may not make financial sense for a lot of small business sellers. In some cases, eBay sellers value every dollar they get in a sale over their cost of an item. Over time, those dollars being spent on eBay branded boxes could start to noticeably cut into profits.

While it may not be more prudent to go out and get your own boxes printed with your own logo — it’s not — there are other options for sellers looking for suitable shipping boxes for their items. The U.S. Postal Service, for example, offers free packs of Priority Mail shipping boxes and even delivers them to your door. Those boxes do require that you ship items inside via Priority Mail only.

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  1. I guess it can work for their sellers. Plus, it is extra income for them so I guess it can work.

  2. Yes, use the eBay branded boxes, advertise to all the thieves who are stealing boxes being delivered to homes that an eBay purchase is enclosed, steal me!!! Several years ago eBay was warning people NOT to mark boxes with eBay!!

    • Because thieves only target EBay packages. ….yeah. Glad most of my stuff comes in Amazon boxes! I’m safe!

    • Great point, Bob. I’ve always thought the same about Amazon branded boxes, too. And a neighbor of mine has had several packages stolen from his front door. These things are just screaming … STEAL ME!

  3. Ebay Logic – Overpay for our branded shipping boxes so that you can advertise for us instead of using plain cheaper boxes from other sources.

    • I get most of my boxes for shipping from other stores that were only going to send them to the recycle center — so they say — because they’re free. Paying for boxes is just silly. eBay should be asking people to take these boxes. I really believe the amount of Amazon boxes you see plants the seed in others’ heads to look on Amazon.

  4. Robert Goodell

    Why would ANYONE in their right mind PAY for boxes when the U.S.P.S. sends them to your door for FREE? Worst idea I have EVER heard of!