10 Environmentally Friendly Business Apps For Earth Day

environmentally friendly business apps

In honor of Earth Day, your business may be looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly. There are plenty of different ways to reduce your carbon footprint or develop other eco-friendly business behaviors.  Here are some environmentally friendly business apps to help your business go green this Earth Day.

Go “Green” With These Environmentally Friendly Business Apps


Environmentally Friendly Business Apps

If your business receives a lot of junk mail, all of that wasted paper is probably having a detrimental effect on the earth. But PaperKarma is an app that lets you remove yourself from those mailing lists, saving all that paper in the process. To use it, you can take a photo of the unwanted mail items and enter the address where you’d no longer like to receive those items.


Environmentally Friendly Business Apps

With all of the different products you likely have to buy for your business, you can make a big difference by choosing products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. GoodGuide offers both mobile apps and a web version where you can search for products by name or browse by category to find products that are ethically and sustainably made.


Environmentally Friendly Business App GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an app that lets you set up and host virtual meetings with your team from a number of different devices. Since the app allows everyone on your team to work remotely and simply use technology to meet and discuss ideas, this can be a convenient or even necessary solution for businesses. But it also eliminates the need for everyone to travel to a central location for meetings, cutting down both on transportation costs and the harmful emissions that go along with all that transportation.


GoToMyPC Environmentally Friendly Business Apps

You can encourage your team to telecommute even more with GoToMyPC. The app allows you to access all of your work files and programs from your home computer or mobile devices. So if you have an important file stored on your work computer, you can use the app to access it on your computer or other device at home, instead of needing to drive to work. The app can also give you the ability to let your team work from home regularly, reducing your business’s carbon footprint even more.

INRIX Traffic

INRIX Traffic Environmentally Friendly Business Apps

However, no matter how often you’re able to telecommute, there are probably still times when you have to drive to different places over the course of running your business. For those times, you can use the INRIX Traffic apps to find the best times to drive so that you won’t get stuck in traffic. Not only can this help you save time, but it can also keep you from leaving your car running longer than necessary, thus reducing harmful emissions and your carbon footprint.


Environmentally Friendly Business Apps

There are so many different print publications that offer business related news and updates. However, keeping up with all of those different publications can be both time consuming and wasteful. Instead of requiring all of that paper to get your business news, you can use BriefMe to keep up with some of your favorite newspapers and magazines all in one place – without requiring any paper.


Environmentally Friendly Business Apps

Recycling is an essential part of going green. But it’s not always easy to know how and where to recycle your items. That’s where iRecycle comes in. iRecycle is a mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, that finds you recycling centers and opportunities in your area for various types of items. You can search by type of item. So if you have electronic equipment to recycle, for example, you can search specifically for places to dispose of and recycle those items.


Environmentally Friendly Business Apps

Dropcountr is an app that lets you track your water usage by connecting with you utility company. You can see your usage and even compare it to others nearby. This can help you create more consistent and sustainable habits, thus saving both money and water.


Environmentally Friendly Business Apps

Instead of printing out all of your documents to save them as hard copies, ShareFile lets you store digital versions your most important documents and share them if necessary. Basically, you can create folders for different types of files and then access them from different devices by logging into your account. This eliminates the need for you to use lots of paper just to keep all of your files organized and accessible.


Environmentally Friendly Business Apps

If you ever go out for business lunches or have food brought into your business for various events, you could help the earth by seeking out locally produced or sustainable food items. Locavore is an app that gives you the ability to search for local and sustainable food items in your area. So you can opt for food that was grown and produced in your area rather than choosing mass produced items that create a lot of waste and require transportation.

Hopefully one of these ten environmentally friendly business apps will help your company go “green” and make everyday Earth Day!

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  1. iRecycle is really interesting. I hope that they have these on other countries too. Not only does it encourage people to recycle. It also makes it easier for them because it is accessible.

    • It can definitely make it easier! I’m not sure where it’s available yet but it definitely seems worth looking into!