New Hyper App Lets You Book Travel Via Chat

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You’ve probably used the Internet to book flights and arrange hotel accommodations. But now there is a service that lets you chat with a human who can take care of all that stuff for you.

Minqi Jiang and Peter Zakin, former Google employees, launched “Hyper” which caters to online travelers via chat. From flights to hotel accommodation, restaurants, car rentals and a full itinerary of your preferred choice and budget – the help of real humans is present giving it an edge over automated competitors.

The Hyper app offers different travel plans with flexible costs, and ensures you find the most affordable rates, the company says. The app can help you traverse the globe more and spend less money and time. There are no transaction costs and the basic tier or services is free. Though there are two premium services as well.

But initially, the only things you have to pay for are the items you have booked.

The Hyper App

The Free Version

The Hyper app offers anything a traveler needs, all within a simple mobile app. That includes planning, booking and mobile notifications, should any sudden changes occur.

Pro Tier Offers Round-the-Clock Help

The Hyper app’s premium Pro plan costs $25 a month. Committing to the service for longer periods can get that rate dropped to $20 monthly.

Small Business Deals

The Pro plan includes the services from the Free tier plus a 24/7 access to Hyper assistance. Hyper says that either a bot or a live agent will connect with you in about 10 minutes if you need assistance.

If ever a change of plans is needed, this option also includes an easy cancellation of any reservations made and itinerary changes with a simple SMS.

In addition to all of this, Hyper agents can act on behalf of the traveler to handle any customer service requests.

Business Plan

Hyper’s Business pricing tier gives users all the amenities of the Pro plan plus some features that are catered to business travelers.

The Business tier costs $25 per month per person.

Hyper Business also gives advanced reports on transactions, trip booking for groups, customized travel policies for the agency, duty of care for any adjustments including traveler’s budgets.

The business class on Hyper is free for the first month.


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