How to Implement Millennial Marketing with Snapchat

market to millennials with snapchat

If you’re not using Snapchat for marketing, you could really be missing out, especially if your target audience includes millennials. The platform has been steadily gaining traction with younger consumers. And since a lot of brands are still hesitant or unsure of how to use it, Snapchat offers you the opportunity to really stand out with a millennial audience. Here are 10 ways to market to millennials with Snapchat.

Market To Millennials With Snapchat

Show Some Personality

Millennials don’t want to see the same old “professional” brands again and again. They want to support brands that they really relate to. Snapchat offers an opportunity for you to get face to face with your followers. So don’t be dry and boring. Inject your brand’s style into your posts or show off the unique personalities of your team members. You can even have some fun with the filters and effects that Snapchat offers. Since that’s something a lot of millennials do on Snapchat, it’s something they can really relate to.

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Go Behind the Scenes

Use Snapchat as an opportunity to give your followers a look at how your business really operates. Giving them a behind the scenes look can make them feel like they’re a real part of your company rather than just a disconnected customer. If your millennial customers feel an actual connection with your brand through Snapchat, they’re more likely to actually support your business regularly.

Offer a Temporary Promotion

Snapchat’s temporary posts have been seen as a negative for a lot of brands. Since the posts disappear, it can seem like a waste of time to create them. But you can actually use that feature as a benefit to your business when it comes to marketing. If you use the platform to share a coupon code or special offer of some kind, your followers will have to view your snaps within a fairly quick time period to be able to take advantage of the offer. That means that those who see the offer will view it as a very exclusive deal. And it can also encourage more people to follow you and actually watch all of your snaps so that they can take advantage of those offers when they come up.

Provide Quick Teasers

Snapchat can also be a great platform for giving very quick previews of new products or offerings. Showing just a few seconds of your product in action can build intrigue and excitement. So if you’re preparing for a launch, Snapchat can help you to build that buzz around your new offering. You can even get your followers involved by having them send you their own snaps with guesses about what your new product or service has to offer.

Send Exclusive Content

You can also play up that exclusivity factor by sending private snaps to some of your followers. You can send discounts, offers, tips or even just a silly thank you message to some of your most loyal followers. This will make these followers feel like they’re even more a part of your business, going even further to build brand loyalty.

Connect With Influencers

Like any other social platform, Snapchat has some users who are extremely popular. To leverage the strong base of millennial consumers on Snapchat, you might try reaching out to Snapchat users who are particularly popular with that audience. You can ask them to share information about your company or even send them a product to try out.

Offer Real Time Updates

Another great aspect of Snapchat is how quickly you can share updates. Millennials don’t want to wait days and weeks to see new content. Instead, you can use Snapchat to share updates in real time. Sharing the day to day aspects of running your business can help them feel more connected. But sharing real time or live updates can be especially helpful if you’re attending a live event that your followers are interested in.

Get Creative With Contests

Snapchat offers you the opportunity to host some unique social contests. You can host giveaways or scavenger hunts or even trivia contests to get your followers involved. You can ask your followers to send you snaps of them using your products in exchange for a chance to win a free gift or similar prize. Or you can even ask them to screenshot your own snaps and share them via their own stories.

Answer Questions

Since Snapchat is great for actually interacting with your followers, you can use it as a platform for answering specific questions. Invite followers to send you their own snaps with questions they have about your business. Then you can send them a snap back to answer, or you can even host a Q&A on your Snapchat story to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Offer Useful Content

Although Snapchat offers unique opportunities for you to really connect with your millennial customers and show off your personality, you still should offer some kind of value through your content. Teach your audience something they didn’t know before or help them grow in some  way.  As with other social media platforms, aim to provide content that is informative, entertaining or inspirational. Providing content that really resonates with your audience and is exclusive to Snapchat encourages millennials to follow and connect with you there. But the idea of providing value through social media still extends to millennial marketing with Snapchat too.

Do you have a unique method of marketing to millennials with Snapchat?

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  1. Interesting. I know how people are using Instagram for marketing but I don’t know so much about Snapchat. It is certainly a part worth learning.

  2. I am all for showing “some personality,” if you do it in a genuine way. I will start doing snaps re. my tea hobby business and crowdfunding campaign for my first forthcoming book on tea with behind the scenes recordings.

  3. I think offering behind the scenes look and having a personality are great ways to market your business on Snapchat. Offering promotions is also a great way to do so as well, because you can gain more followers. Thank you for sharing this advice!

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