Nimble Group Messaging Introduced for Social Sales and Marketing

Nimble Group Messaging

Nimble is a relationship management solution that brings together all of your contacts, calendar, communications and collaborations in a single platform. With collaboration now an integral part of the way we work, the company has just made available a limited version of its new Group Message feature before the final release.

Nimble Group Messaging

The Nimble platform has been designed for ease of use, and that also extends to the new Nimble Group Messaging feature. One standout feature is the personal touch the new tool gives to the process. As long as you have an email address, you can send what you want to any group of contacts over the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) of your personal email. That is an important point, because it won’t look like it was sent from an email marketing system, which makes the interaction more personal.

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The only drawback with Nimble Group Message is the limitation it has on how many messages you can send. While it is being tested, all users are limited to sending up to 30 messages per person, per day, but higher numbers will soon be available. The potential limit will be increased to 300 group message recipients per person, per day by the time the testing period for the new service is over. At  that time, Nimble says it will roll out plans allowing 100, 200, and 300 messages per day.

Using the feature is as simple as adding a group of contacts to a message, selecting a template, writing the message you want the group to receive, and inserting the necessary text formatting.

The message can include hyperlinks for your email and websites. Additionally the merge tags feature lets you personalize messages that are part of a long list of recipients. The tags can be labeled with first and last name as well as company name and title.

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When you have completed all the fields, click ‘Send to List’ and the message will be on its way to the people in your group. But it doesn’t end there, because you can use the Messaging Reporting Dashboard to see who has opened your email, when they opened it, how many times they viewed it, and who didn’t read it.

This gives you a very useful tool to evaluate the success rate of your email engagement. The dashboard also has notification that lets you seen when the email is being opened. Depending how much you want to engage with your group, you can contact them while they are accessing the email.

The new Nimble features promise to be very useful, but the company cautions against being overzealous in the amount of messages you send. Nimble recommends adopting best practices to add more value to the emails you are sending. Use your email marketing judiciously, so the people you send it to know it has value, which will encourage them to open it. Nimble also advises providing an opt-out option.

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