Monthly Archives: April 2016

Community Tips for Keeping Up with Business Trends

Some members of the small business community are really plugged in to today's hottest trends. And they're sharing the information they have with those who may not have time to stay up on the latest. They're included here in this week's Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

GoDaddy, Linksys Announce New Tech Offerings for Business

GoDaddy continues to add to its cache of services and products it offers small business owners and their website and web-based services. The company just launched a few more this week. Read about them and more headlines in this week's news and information roundup.

The 5 Best Twitter Apps for a Mobile Phone with a Twist

Feeling a little left out because of the limitations of the Twitter mobile app? You're probably not alone. There are quite a few third-party apps to access the social site and here are some of the best for small businesses.

5 Ways for Small Retailers to Invest in Their Stores

It seems all the concern these days is maintaining or even just creating an ecommerce site for your small business. Don't forget your brick-and-mortar store, though. Here are 5 things you can do to keep your physical store looking fresh.

The Priceless Value of Telling It Like It Is

You're busy, busy, busy but feeling uninspired and frankly, bored, by all of it. OK, a lot of it. Keeping track of it is even worse. Someone to keep you on track? Dare we say, priceless?

Averages are Still Relevant with PPC Ads

Are averages really a "sucky metric" for measuring the impact of a PPC ad campaign for your small business. Here's a look at the criticisms of them and how they're potentially still a relevant means of determining how your PPC campaign is scoring.