Plastic Bottle Cutter Shows Innovative Products Can Be Low Tech

plastic bottle cutter

In a world filled with 3D printers that can make pizza on command and smart-watches that can monitor daily health, it seems that low-tech gadgets can still be game-changing and innovative.

Take the Plastic Bottle Cutter.  The product first appeared on Kickstarter on February 23, 2016. With no moving parts and a simple design, this handy handheld device seemed to explode in popularity nearly overnight. By the end of March the product had gained nearly 7000 backers and a pledge total now passing $350,000; far more than the original goal of $9,945. Made from eco-friendly materials like wood and stainless-steel, this tool is small enough to fit in your pocket but has a big impact on how you will look at your plastic bottles.

How The Plastic Bottle Cutter Works

A simple wooden handle acts as the main body of the device. By inserting the bottom of a plastic bottle into the small slit in the top and pulling, a small blade slices through the plastic. This produces a surprisingly strong plastic rope which you can use for anything from crafting to gardening. You can even adjust the width of the rope depending on your project.

So why cut bottles up? Well for one, plastic bottles take a lot of time and energy to produce and finally get into your hands. Tossing them after just one use is both an economic and ecological problem that can easily be addressed by turning your bulky bottles into thin, easily handled rope. They take up less space, and of course, can be used in all sorts of ways.

Gardening uses may include tying up tomatoes, vines, sunflowers, or other fast-growing plants. The plastic ropes are able to be used outside since they’re sturdy, won’t degrade and are waterproof. They can be heated with a heat-gun in order to create a strong ‘shrink wrapped’ effect and are even strong enough to tow cars; as long as you use a bunch of them!

Different colored bottles can be used to weave together colorful patterns or even braided into jewelry. Campers and hunters may find the tool handy for breaking down water bottles for quick survival needs, or just to avoid littering while out in the woods.

If you’re interested on getting your hands on one of these bottle cutters, you can check their Kickstarter page. For about $20 USD, you can pre-order your own and (hopefully) have it for this summer.

The success thus far of the Plastic Bottle Cutter is a powerful reminder that products need not be high tech or expensive to produce to have a huge impact. A great idea, proper execution and good marketing can still make all the difference.

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  1. I love this product because it’s low tech and solves a huge problem—reducing the number of plastic bottles in our land fills. The video is very convincing, and I can’t wait to get one of these and start making plastic ribbon out of bottles and finding new ways to use it. This is a great example of, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

  2. Calvin Kallstrom

    Where can one purchase this cutter? What does it cost?


    Where can I buy one of these plastic bottle cutters and how much are they going to cost?

    As we are now into the school holidays and I’ve got the grandchildren for 2 days each week, this would be so good to have and have fun but also teach them more about recycling.

    Many thanks