Here’s Why You Should Be Publishing on LinkedIn

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Publishing on LinkedIn

Finding success as a producer of content is often a hit-or-miss endeavor. With such a flood of content being produced by so many people on a constant basis, getting your name out there as an effective author can be incredibly challenging. Whether you’re writing for a personal or professional blog, strategically producing content for specific campaigns, or practicing engagement with pre-existing content, it’s important to contribute to the Web in ways that will ultimately drive other users back to your own content.  Publishing on LinkedIn is one way to do it.

Publishing On LinkedIn

While there’s no shortage of ways to get content on the Internet, one of the most effective places to do so is on LinkedIn, specifically the Pulse. Millions of users read through the Pulse at a constant rate all day and are comfortable commenting, sharing and engaging with content because the nature of the LinkedIn platform encourages it. This serves as an outstanding resource for authorship that holds considerable potential for broadening your audience, expanding the reach of your personal brand or the brand you represent, and giving your name the clickable appeal it needs to drive your overall Internet visibility.

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One of the most attractive aspects of using LinkedIn’s Pulse as a platform for exposure is the way the broad categories facilitate high visibility. In publishing something in a category on the Pulse, you expose your content to millions of users who are deliberately seeking a multitude of opinions and perspectives on the topic you’re writing about.  In utilizing this platform, you can essentially take a megaphone and shout your brand across the Web in ways that have real value for real people.

To put this method into practice, a good starting point would be to publish two articles on LinkedIn per week about things that aren’t necessarily related to the goods or services you’re promoting. In doing so, you can connect with people on a level that encourages interest in your content more naturally. If you’re constantly producing the same kind of content, you run the risk of having a spam-like image. But by participating in news-worthy discussions and weighing in on the topics that are getting the most attention, you can assert yourself as an authority of quality content.

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  1. LinkedIn is a great career PR tool. The more you develop your profile the better chances there are for you to being contacted by different headhunters or companies. If you are an expert in some industry, posting an articles (both yours and shared) helps you establish yourself as an industry expert.

  2. I once heard that you should write about what nobody is writing about. So if you’re finding a topic that doesn’t have a lot of good content, write it and share it. That will resonate with your audience.

  3. Thanks for the info. We post every blog we write on our Linkedin page (and other social media). I’ve had some of my best responses on Linkedin. As a B2B company, it’s a perfect space for us to use in educating business owners and property managers on the value of commercial snow removal and other winter tips.

  4. Great article, it really supports the fact that you can get more eyes on good content and thus gain more exposure quicker than on a average blog. I agree publishing good content is a winning strategy on LinkedIn.

  5. Publishing wo articles per week sounds like a good idea. I’m going to give it a try.

  6. People are using it as a Content Syndication Platform too. But as a genuine approach, its a great platform to give you the large impression rates. Unique and creative writing has a good chance to get viral here.

  7. How about publishing using the Groups feature on LinkedIn?
    I’ve tried it for a while now- targeting the most relevant groups that have a higher potential of getting engaged in conversation. However, without much success.
    It looks like most professionals have sorted out their information sources and limit themselves to influencers to gain insights from, creating quite a big barrier for someone with merely 500 connection to get the engagement expected.