5 Ways To Use Video To Showcase Handmade Products

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When it comes to showcasing a product, there is nothing like the power of video. But if that is the case (and it is), then why is it that video seems to be the domain of people who are either selling services or the supplies used to make products?

If you make the products you sell, handmade products videos that showcase your work should be readily available all over the Web. After all, you have an endless stream of Made In America action that your customers want to see. So why deny them?

If you make the products you sell, you have a huge advantage over the people simply selling information or services. Who wants to watch a video of someone creating an information product? When you make soap or shoes or cupcakes or perfume, it’s a whole different ball game. Nothing can showcase the color and texture of your product the way a handmade products video can.

Below are ways to use a handmade products video to showcase handmade products and compel people to buy more of them.

Creative Video To Showcase Handmade Products

Show Everyone How You Make Your Product

People love learning about how things are made. It’s interesting to see raw materials come together to form a useful product that enhances people’s lives.

Here is an example of Kendra Renee at Kendra Renee Jewelry Design using an Instagram video to show how she carves a mold for a wedding ring out of wax.

Wax carving at the bench today. Working on two custom wedding bands for an adorable couple I met in DC.

A video posted by Kendra Renee (@kendrareneejd) on

Demonstrate How Your Product Should Be Used

One of the best ways you can positively influence people to buy your products is to show them how they perform in the setting in which they will use them at home.

Here is an example of Chelsea Selby at Witch Baby Soap using an Instagram handmade products video to showcase how one of her bath bombs perform in a bathtub. Even more clever, the video she is using is actually one made by one of her customers. See, sometimes, you don’t even have to create the video yourself!

Make a Video that Reflects Your Target Customers Using Your Product

One of the things that sets a product apart from the pack is that the customers who buy it can see themselves using and enjoying the product. Help facilitate this positive branding experience by sharing a handmade products video that shows your customers happily using your products.

Here is an example of how Stacia Guzzo at Handcrafted Honey Bee used a promotional launch video to show how her target customers can “dream big” as they enjoy using her DIY cosmetic kits.

Share Information About the Ingredients and Components in Your Products

While a fragrance is difficult to capture in an online environment, with video, you can describe it well enough to allow viewers to engage their olfactory system in a fun way.

In this handmade products video, natural perfumer Charna Ethier of Providence Perfume Company shares exactly how she builds a perfume from scratch, from start to finish. For anyone interested in the art of perfume, this is a fun video to watch because you can almost smell the aromas as she describes them.

Use Video to Encourage People to Support Your Next Project

Whether it’s crowd funding or an awards contest, using video to showcase your handmade products can help attract everything from votes to funding. When you want people to support you by giving a vote or donating their hard earned cash, the least you can do is entertain them a little. No one wants to read seven paragraphs of text before submitting a vote. But everyone will watch a fun video.

Here is an example of Anne-Marie Faiola at Handmade Beauty Box using a handmade products video to encourage people to fund her Kickstarter campaign, which, by the way, was fully funded within 24 hours of its release.

Using Video Leverages the Power of the Internet

No matter what you make, and no matter the size of your business, you can use a handmade products video to engage customers and prospects and tell the world about your products in living color. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

I’m sure you can think of tons of ways to make your business shine using video to showcase handmade products! Share your ideas and experiences, and links to your most successful videos, in the comments.

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