5 Easy Tricks for Small Businesses to Generate Website Leads (Infographic)

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Small businesses need to generate leads through their website. Unfortunately, they tend to be the sector least equipped to do so. There are some basic things you can do to generate website leads, however. Here are our top tips to do just that.

Ways To Generate Website Leads

Mobile Friendly is a Must

Despite it being common knowledge that mobiles have now overtaken desktops, many small businesses still don’t have a mobile-friendly website. In the cut throat online business world, this is madness.

Making your website mobile friendly will increase your online visibility, drive more traffic to your website and deliver your users a great experience. It doesn’t have to be expensive converting your website either. This does depend on your current design and platform of course, but you should view it as an investment.

Solid SEO

Many small businesses follow the ethos that visual impact is king when it comes to their website content. Not always so. Search engines don’t pick up on all imagery, and solid SEO in your text is vital to achieve those all important top organic rankings. You also need to forget all about the old rules where every page had five percent keywords.

Modern algorithms pick up on key search terms users look for, and these have to be included in as natural a way as possible. Before you lay out cash on getting an SEO expert to rewrite your content, have it appraised by one who doesn’t include writing as one of their skills. They will give you an honest opinion as it may just need a few tweaks and not a full rewrite.


Contact details, branding, forms and everything else users need to get in touch with you should be prominently displayed on every page. There should be an interactive “Making your website mobile friendly” for mobile users to click on so they can get straight through to you.

Clear links should take users where they want to go within your site. And those forms should be simple to use once they get there. Remember the size factor on a cellphone. Numerous boxes to fill in will put visitors off and they will quickly move on.


A cluttered website where everything just becomes a blur of color will quickly put users off. These look amateurish, as if you’ve thrown your site together in the dark.

Plenty of space should be left between text and images, and your offers should appear as a banner at the top of a page not dominating it with a massive image. Sometimes giving less choices for users to navigate through your website can lead to increased leads with a minimalist design.

Custom Imagery

Do not go to Google Images and get pictures off of there that have been used a thousand times before. Get hold of a good camera and get creative. Photograph items against a plain background and make your images stand out in a crowd. Post these images on your social media profiles with links to your site. This is an area where images really do matter, and the savvy shopper will simply scroll past bland ones.

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Do you have any additional suggestions on how to generate website leads?

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Andrew Gazdecki Andrew Gazdecki is the founder and CEO of Bizness Apps, a do-it-yourself mobile app builder and mobile website creator for small businesses with over 500,000 customers worldwide.

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  1. These days when visuals is everything, it is true that you should create custom images to catch your audience’s attention.

    • Very true. Today more than ever you have a smaller window to gain a customer’s attention so you better make it count!

      • Right. Even logging on social media websites, you’ll see different things everywhere. All of these will usually catch the attention of the viewer. So you really have to stand out.

  2. Even though the title says “tricks” these are standard best practices that your potential customers expect from you as a potential provider. Fail in any of these areas and you get thrown out of consideration. Succeed with these and they’ll actually look at your value proposition to decide if they should work with you.

  3. I think those “tips” will mostly generate traffic to your website, not necessarily leads. To generate actual leads, I Think a website could: add a compelling offer, offer a something of value in exchange for an email address, have a newsletter sign up, have a live-chat integrated in their website.

  4. Thank you for sharing great article for lead generation.