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Nash Riggins Nash Riggins is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends and an American journalist based in central Scotland. Nash covers industry studies, emerging trends and general business developments. His writing background includes The Huffington Post, World Finance and GuruFocus. His website is NashRiggins.com.

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  1. Does SMS marketing still work as much as before? I think that people are now more active in social media.

    • It’s as effective as ever! True, people are active in all forms of social media but nothing delivers the response like Text Marketing. Think about it, Facebook continues to limit the exposure of your Facebook business page posts unless you are willing to pay to increase “your reach.” 98% of folks read a text within 3 minutes of receiving it! That’s tough to beat!!

  2. I didn’t know mobile marketing has become a thing. I’m not in that field, so I don’t know much about it, or how it’s changing. It makes sense that with people constantly being buried in their phone’s, it would be a great way to reach people.

  3. Very interesting topic, was not expecting SMS would actually bring in leads..

    So what is the best sms method to be used ? Can be done DIY ? Can i ask for specific target audience with guaranteed leads ?


  4. These “stats” are either made up or exaggerated. I love and use text marketing but the results are different for different businesses, products and their demographics.

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