Stand Out from the Competition With These 10 Tips

Stand Out from the Competition With These 10 Tips

With so many different businesses out there, it can be easy for your company to just blend in. But you need to stand out in some way if you want to gain the attention of your target customers.

There are several different strategies you can use to make your business stand out. Members of the online small business community shared some of their favorite tips in the list below.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Sell Your Business

Find Your Unique Value Proposition

When you’re trying to attract customers and convert leads, you need to have a unique value proposition, or something valuable that you can offer to customers that they can’t really get from anywhere else. To find your UVP and learn to make the most of it, check out this post by Jeremy Smith on the Jeremy Said blog.

Use Data and Amplification to Step Up Your Content Marketing

You already know the importance of content when it comes to your marketing efforts. But not all content is equally effective. By utilizing data, amplification and integrations, you can make your content more effective than ever, as Dana Arnold details in this Blogworthy post.

Save Time With Social Media Marketing Tools

Using social media is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. But if you don’t have a plan, you could end up wasting hours every day on random social media tasks. Instead, you could find ways to save time using the social media marketing tools outlined in this Social Media Examiner post by Cynthia Johnson.

Use These Digital Marketing Tactics Wisely

Your business has so many different potential ways to market online. But using a few tactics or platforms wisely can be better than using all of them without a real plan. Jonathan Emmen shares some tips for using common digital marketing tactics wisely in this post on the Ron Sela blog. And BizSugar members discuss the post further here.

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Get Back to Basics by Talking to Customers

With so many different ways to engage your customers online, it can be easy to forget about talking to them face to face. But getting back to basics can really help your business stand out with your customers, according to this SMB CEO post by Emmanuel De Rycker.

Use Facebook Reactions to Help Your Business Page

Facebook recently released a new feature called Reactions. So now, your Facebook followers can share a wide range of reactions with you based on your posts. And taking advantage of unique features like this can really help your business stand out from all the others that have Facebook pages. Read more about the new feature and how it can help your business in this Agora Pulse post by Wambui Githire-Mburu.

Avoid These Social Media Pet Peeves

Not everything you share on social media is going to resonate with your audience. But there are some common pet peeves you should probably try to stay away from altogether. Rachel Strella covers some of them here. And the BizSugar community shares thoughts on the post here.

Read Customers’ Minds Through Email

No business owner is actually a mind reader. But you need to try and get inside your customers’ heads if you’re going to appeal to them and run a successful business. In this MrKingsman post, Kevin Donnelly shares some input about customer surveys and getting the most out of your customer emails.

Learn How to Set Goals

No matter what you’re trying to do with your business, it’s important to have goals. Setting the right goals will ensure that you’re on a path to success that’s actually attainable. But you need to figure out the right goals for you and your business, as Elen Ramirez details here.

Get More Out of Less With These Focus Elements

There are so many different things to think about when running a business. But you need to always maintain your focus on the things that are really important, as outlined in this Startup Professionals Musings post by Martin Zwilling. You can also see discussion about the post over on BizSugar.

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