Tappyn Introduces Crowdsourced Copywriting Services


In recent years, crowdsourcing has become a popular method of outsourcing everything from simple logo and Web design to advanced engineering for NASA.

The technique is seen as controversial by some in the small business community. After all, crowdsourcing usually involves a system where multiple designers or other contributors compete on a project for a cash reward — yet only the winners see any pay for their efforts.

For companies using crowdsourcing, it can be a great way to get the best, most cost effective work possible. But for the competitors — many of them small businesses  — it can mean work done for no compensation since only the winning entry receives the cash prize.

However the founders of a new service called Tappyn have figured out how to make the process work for small businesses —  by introducing crowdsourced copywriting services by those who already love your brand.

Tappyn Crowdsources Copywriting Services

Alek Matthiessen, CEO and Co-founder of Tappyn, explains in an interview with Small Business Trends, “How it works is we host a contest for short digital ads about your company and only allow people in your target audience to submit. Each contest costs a flat fee of $100 and lasts 7 days.”

Tappyn’s official roll out began March 14, but a test preview of the website was available before that to early adopters.

“Over the course of the contest, people in your target audience submit ads, share their submissions, and vote on their favorites,” Matthiessen explains. “At the close of the contest, you pick your favorite ad and the copyright of that ad is transferred to you. The entire process is itself an advertisement for your company, providing further additional exposure.”

Contestants are asked to create simple, two line, slogan-type entries similar to Geico’s, “Fifteen minutes saves fifteen percent.”

Some may wonder if Tappyn’s service could create significant competition for advertising agencies and PR firms. At this point in time, no one can be sure, but it seems unlikely. Big companies will still need continual services from professional agencies, while Tappyn seems tailor made for small businesses.

Matthiessen notes that many of those entering the contests are in college, looking for a little spare change and many view Tappyn as a kind of game. Each entry takes only a minute, so there’s not much of an investment in time even if your copy doesn’t end up being selected. The winner gets $50 of the company’s entry fee and Tappyn keeps the rest for production costs.

Matthiessen co-founded the company with his brother, Austin. The two are currently seniors at Brown University and Emory University respectively.are co-founders of Tappyn.

Image: Tappyn

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