How to React to a Donald Trump at Your Business

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a boss like Donald Trump

There are a lot of tough bosses out there. But what if you had a manager like Donald Trump? The type that is a forceful leader and wants it done their way. They insist on managing the company top down and don’t look for input from anyone. Many times, they issue proclamations and demands like a bully even when they have been proven wrong. With a boss like Donald Trump, working hard may not be enough.

When You Have a Boss Like Donald Trump

Don’t wait to hear “You’re fired.” Instead, follow these rules to succeed:

  1. Listen to what the boss needs. Ask questions. Repeat back to them what you think they are asking since they are always interested in the strangest details. This is a very important step since what they say is not necessarily what they mean.
  2. Write it down and document it. Follow up with a confirming email. This will ensure that there is no miscommunication that can later be blamed on you. Never withhold information because these types of bosses hate surprises.
  3. Know what their priority is this week. This is not necessarily what needs to get done in the company, but what they want to get completed. Their priorities change quickly and they must become yours. Keep all commitments and deliver to the boss on time.
  4. Make sure the boss looks good in front of others.  It should be no surprise that these types of bosses have big egos and appearances do matter. This includes how they look to employees, vendors and customers. Always give credit to them and take the blame if necessary.
  5. Know their trigger points. It’s imperative to know what is important to them and what makes them angry. Use this knowledge strategically when trying to get things done.
  6. Keep calm. These types of bosses can go ballistic when things go wrong. If you are the target, it is critical not to react and wait until the rage eventually subsides. There is nothing to be gain by clashing head on with them. Remember, people do not want to be angry by themselves, so if you do not get upset, they will eventually calm down.
  7. Find what’s in it for them. Don’t present your ideas confrontationally or from your perspective. Ask “do you think you might consider…” or “is it the right time to talk about…”. Again, there is no way to win an argument with this type of boss. Convince them by showing what they will get out of it.
  8. Do the tasks they dislike. This will earn you a certain amount of respect from the boss and a place at the company. Some bosses may not know what they are not good at, but they all do know what they hate to do.
  9. Don’t tell them they can’t do something. This drives these types of bosses berserk. Follow their instructions and propose alternatives when the time is right as described above.
  10. Find an outlet. There is a lot of pressure working for this type of boss. Find out ways that you can personally blow off steam.

Working for a Donald Trump type of boss may not be easy, but it still can be beneficial. These types of people can be very loyal to their employees since they know they can be hard to work for. They may be good stepping stones to other jobs because their aggressive nature allows them to often win at business.

See this as a temporary assignment and create your own boundaries. When you have a boss like Donald Trump, decide what you want to learn from this boss and how far you will go to stay there. When that goal is completed, it’s time to move on to a better opportunity.

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