Freshdesk Responds to Feedback, Rolls Out New API v2.0

Freshdesk API v2.0

The focus of IT is no longer only within the enterprise. It has now shifted to a wider ecosystem by opening up its data to developers so they can create new experiences for customers. And application programming interfaces (APIs) are proving to be the foundation for the digital transformation that is currently taking place.

The new Freshdesk API v2.0 has been enhanced to simplify the development process and improve the way developers use it so they can have a better experience.

Freshdesk API v2.0 Rolls Out

According to the company blog, the new improvements Freshdesk has made to its API eliminated fields that were not necessary, as well as getting rid of redundant messages, boosting the rate limits, improving pagination, error handling and more.

An API is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications. A good API lets developers create solutions by providing all the necessary building blocks so they can put it together with new functionalities.

As a cloud-based customer service software provider, Freshdesk has more than 70,000 customers, including many global brands, such as Honda, 3M, Cisco, Hugo Boss, Toshiba, UNICEF, University of Pennsylvania and others. With such a range of industries, the company is always looking to improve the way these organizations interact with their customers. And APIs are one way of making this possible.

Here are the new features and changes to the previous API as published by Freshdesk:

  • Higher rate limits as a result of significant performance enhancements,
  • Improved error handling — errors will return appropriate HTTP status codes and an error body,
  • Four new API categories — Business Hours, Products, Email Configs, and SLAs,
  • New APIs that enable you to Reply to a ticket and enhancements to existing APIs that enable you to Update a ticket’s description, Update a ticket’s notes, and Retrieve a list of tickets that have been recently modified,
  • XML Support that has been deprecated, with only JSON supported,
  • Calls limited to only SSL (HTTPS),
  • Operations limited to Freshdesk domains and not via custom CNAMEs,
  • Support for page sizes up to 100,
  • New API deprecation and breaking change policies,
  • Some categories renamed for consistency with the Web application. (For example, Forums are now Discussions and Users are now Contacts.)

Being competitive in today’s digital ecosystem means not working in isolated silos. In the past, this approach has resulted in heavy expenditure in R&D and long time to market for new products. With APIs exposed to the outside world, the possibilities of innovation by developers become limitless.

The new Freshdesk API v2.0 is going to deliver more access for developers with the goal of introducing new and groundbreaking solutions for its clientele as they seek to improve the way they engage their customers. And as social media continues to command more attention as part of the overall customer service companies provide, APIs will become an integral part in finding said solutions.

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