What is Gboard for iPhone and What is it For?

Gboard for iPhone

The rift between Apple and Google is well documented, but in reality they need each other more than they let on in order to give their customers the solutions both companies provide. The latest evidence of this is the new Gboard for iPhone keyboard app Google just announced.

With tens of millions of customers on the line, the Gboard is a no brainer for Google.

So What is Gboard For iPhone?

Gboard is a keyboard app made for the iPhone (an Android version will be coming soon). It has been developed to appeal to the design sensibilities of Apple product customers, while ensuring Google search remains a prominent feature.


The app lets you search and send information, GIFs and emojis. By now you are probably saying to yourself, I can already do that from the keyboard I am using. The difference is, you can do all of these things and more without leaving the app.

No More App Switching With Gboard From iPhone!

Even though you might like the keyboard app you are currently using, switching apps back and forth is not the most efficient way to get the information you need when you are doing more than one task. With Gboard for iPhone, you can tap the Google button on the app while you are texting to find a restaurant, a movie theater or anything else.

Search and send anything from Google

You can search anything you would search on Google, including videos and images, news and articles, sports scores, nearby stores and restaurants, and more.

Additionally, it also lets you search GIFs and the perfect emoji to quickly express what you are feeling.

Gboard 1

Gboard 2


Gboard 3

Glide Typing

Another smart feature of the app is glide typing. Let’s face it, using your thumbs on a small keyboard is probably causing some serious damage to our opposable digits. With glide typing, all you do is slide one finger from letter to letter.

This feature might sound like it would be prone to errors, but the auto-correction works just as fast for an all-around smooth experience.

Gboard for iPhone glide typing


If there is one thing Apple is known for it’s privacy, and Google made sure it kept your private information private on Gboard.

Google said when you search for something on the app, it sends your query to Google’s web servers to process it, along with anonymous statistics to diagnose problems when the app crashes, and features that get the most usage. The company said that is all it sends, nothing else.


Apple users are leery when it comes to using third party vendor products, especially when it is from the parent of Android. But by all accounts, Google has done a great job on this app. Reviews have been very positive so far, but let us wait and see until more people download it.

If you want to try Gboard for iPhone, you can go here. Once you have it up and running, please let us know if it the improvements Google has made introduced are better than the app you are currently using.

Images: Google

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