4 Things You’ll Need to Market to Millennials

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Market To Millennials

I’ll be the first to admit it: millennials are an annoying group to market to (I can say this because I’m a millennial). Trends among millennials seem to end as abruptly as they begin, and nailing down patterns and preferences of the group is next to impossible-there’s no telling what will or won’t go viral. Bearing such difficulties in mind, gaining the endorsement of millennials can drastically boost your exposure and success as a brand. The challenge then becomes utilizing the right channels to communicate with millennials, as well as providing an experience the group is likely to respond positively to. Here’s what you need to know about effectively reaching millennials.

How To Market To Millennials

Mobile Optimization is a Must

Most people, especially those of younger generations, are constantly carrying their phone. Apps, web browsing, social media, and other such channels are the preferred method of communication for millennials. Ensuring that your brand or company has is optimized for mobile performance is not only a no-brainer for reaching millennials, but it’s also required by Google. Ensure that your site is mobile ready by minimizing pop ups and making use of the AMP project.

Embrace the Little Ghost

Snapchat is consistently one of the most popular platforms among younger generations and continues to grow in use. While many “haters” contest that it’s yet another way to fuel tween narcissism and selfies, the real magic of Snapchat likely exists within its creative capacities. The combination of ephemeral photos and videos, text overlay, drawing, and filters gives millennials more options and wiggle room to communicate their stories and see the stories of others. Look at how other businesses are using Snapchat and see if there are ways your brand might benefit from the platform.

Brands Must Have Personality to Support the Image

It might surprise you to know that half of millennials feel brands bolster who they are as an individual. They want brands that have personalities reflective of their values and personal lifestyle, or at least the values and lifestyle they’re wanting to convey. Creating the personality of your brand should be a  comprehensive endeavor, and has to be reinforced consistently across social media, advertising, and every other channel used. If you can successfully put a personality behind your image, millennials will be much more likely to latch on and start to think of the brand as a friend.

Be, Authentic. Be, Be, Authentic

Or rather, make your sales pitch seem less like a sales pitch. Giving your brand a touch of “realness” can go a long way when you market to millennials. It might be something as simple as changing the tone of your writing bits in ads or online to be more casual and relatable. Or maybe it’s creating a profile through which you communicate with clients on a personable level. The more time you dedicate to being authentic and real with your clientele of millennials, the stronger the connection you build.

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  1. Can we quit pigeonholing Millenials like they’re this humongous group of people that all act the same? They’re just young adults and they have as much diversity of opinion and preference as the Baby Boomers and Gen X.

  2. I think that going into Snapchat will require that your business is somehow in line with it. It is not for all businesses.