Organisational Anatomy: View Your Business from a Biological Perspective


"Organisational Anatomy: A Manager’s Guide to a Healthy Organisation" is a unique paradigm shift on business growth and planning that helps leaders develop a mindset that can focus on identifying specific problems and broad trends that can affect the future of your business.

Organisational Anatomy

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At the basic level, we all know the functions of an organization, especially a business. That goal is to achieve a purpose. For business, that is to earn a profit for the owner(s). Simple as this sounds, many leaders forget this when they get boiled down in the day-to-day reality of running a business. Organisational Anatomy is a look at that reality from a different point of view than you might expect, a biological one.

What Organisational Anatomy is About

Organisational Anatomy: A Manager’s Guide to a Healthy Organisation invites readers to reconsider their assumptions about business development. We live in an era of rapid growth, rapid technology, and rapid globalization. Failing to understand how our business fits into all of this is a recipe for decline.

Managing business growth in such a complex environment demands an overarching perspective that can monitor and respond to that environment. This overarching and responsive perspective is remarkably similar to something very familiar to readers, the human body.

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Viewing your business as an organism may seem a little weird, but it can be a distinctive paradigm shift to planning future business growth. As the book points out, the “organism as business” perspective, moves leaders to simultaneously focus where they need to (like a surgeon) or take a broad overview (like a general doctor). This perspective ensures leaders stay on top of business growth from a variety of vantage points that can be used for competitive advantage and innovation.

Dr. Oleg Konovalov is director of a publications business, MBA mentor, professor and researcher with a focus on organizational growth and development.

What Was Best About Organisational Anatomy

The best part of Organisational Anatomy is the unique perspective the book brings to leadership planning. As shared above, viewing the organization as a business opens us up to a new way of thinking that can allow leaders to better scrutinize decision-making and assumptions behind business growth.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

The downside to Organisational Anatomy is the layout and format. The book has a really innovative and unique perspective, but it lacks energetic layout or text. In other words, it needs some vitality with colorful illustrations, summaries and takeaways with bullet points along with the academic knowledge throughout the book (for readers who want more).

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The book also covers ground that most beginning business students will already know. Adding unique content (specific case studies and strategies) for those already experienced in business would help them enjoy the book more.

Why Read This Book

If you are looking for a new perspective on business development, Organization Anatomy may start you in the right direction. Although the book lacks the fancy visual graphics of the average business book, it does contain a paradigm shift that is needed in the complex world of modern business.

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