Monthly Archives: May 2016

find scholarship opportunities

Former Student Creates Scholly to Find Scholarship Opportunities

One entrepreneur has developed a means of addressing student debt, a platform that helps students locate and vet lesser known scholarships online. Meet Scholly and learn more about how to create a product that serves a very unique need.

handmade business of one

How to Manage a Handmade Business of One

Interested in growing your handmade business but not to the point of needing extra help to do so? Check out these tips to help you better manage your business on your own.

investment philosophies

Is Your Angel Investor Playing Power Ball or Money Ball?

If investing in successful companies was easy, everybody would be doing it. In fact, investing in businesses successfully isn't just a complicated endeavor. Its one on which even the pros don't always agree on the right approach.

Build a Better Sales Team

How to Encourage And Build a Better Sales Team

You're sales team is a critical part of your business. But you think money alone motivates them to bring in the revenue your company needs to grow ... well, think again. There's a lot more to creating incentives for this rare breed than might at first meet the eye.

benefits of bootstrapping

5 Benefits Of Bootstrapping Your Small Business

Not everybody starts out with a big check written out to them by some VC firm or seasoned angel investor. And maybe that's not such a bad thing after all. Bootstrapping is not for everyone, but here are some benefits to consider.

attract female customers

3 Ways to Attract Women to Your Retail Store

Attracting women to your small business is a must. They're making a lot of purchases for themselves and others. So, here are three things you can do or offer now that can bring more female shoppers through your doors.

the ultimate guide to Periscope

The Ultimate Guide to Periscope

By now you've no doubt heard of the power of Periscope to build community and amplify your brand. But the platform keeps evolving and just to keep you up to date, here's a quick guide to the live streaming network thus far.