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Save to Google image extension

Back in November 2015, Google dove into the world of Pinterest-esque photo bookmarking, allowing users to save photos and organize them in folders directly from their mobile browsers.

Building upon this service, Google recently announced that it was bringing the Pinterest-like service for saving photos, articles, and other online content to the desktop.

“Today, we’re making it easier to stay organized across more devices: now, you can save images to Google from your desktop,” Google’s software engineer Mark Colbert said in a post. “For example, if your yard is in need of some spring re-planting, just go to your desktop, search for an image and tap the star to save your potential new flowers, bushes, or even swimming pools. When you’re at the store ready to start buying, you’ll be able to pull up your saved images on your phone and start building your perfect yard. You can also tag your saves to keep them organized.”

Save to Google Image Extension

Small business owners, advertisers and marketers that find saving images, articles and Web pages useful for later use might want to download the Save to Google image extension for Chrome that makes saving a breeze.

The extension is free and easy to use, Google says. You just have to install it and a new button will show up in your Chrome toolbar.

To start using the service, you first need to make sure you’re logged into your browser with your Google Account; then you can start image searching and saving. All Google saved images are stored in Google’s cloud, so you don’t have to worry about disk space.

The service doesn’t appear to save the full contents of a Web page though.  It basically provides a searchable list of bookmarks that you can tag for easier management.

The Google saved images extension joins forces with a lesser known Google feature that allows users to save images on Google Image Search to that same location.

If you would like to save entire Web pages then you could use the Save to Google Drive feature.

Small business owners who are looking to create quick-fire moodboards, digital scrapbooks of imagery or galleries of inspirational imagery will be happy with the Save to Google image extension. The extension not only saves time but it also fits into a busy workflow.

Image: Google

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  1. So I guess Google is now delving into the image world. It is really like Google to try everything on the Internet and provide it as a separate service. Let’s see where this will go.

  2. Funny, I just installed the pocket chrome extension today for that very reason.