Pitney Bowes SendPro Offers Cost-Effective Shipping for Small Biz

SendPro shipping software

Shipping and mailing products provider Pitney Bowes just launched a “first of its kind” shipping software called SendPro, that enables small businesses to utilize the same technology used by large companies to manage shipping, mailing and parcel payments but at a price that fits most small business budgets.

About SendPro Shipping Software

The SendPro shipping software solution is an online application that lets businesses manage U.S. Postal Service, FedEx and UPS shipments from a single portal. Users can compare carriers and shipping options in one place, simplifying the shipping process.

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SendPro shipping software

The product was developed based on the results of a research study commissioned by Pitney Bowes that revealed a growing frustration among small businesses over the lack of shipping software options, which, according to the company, left “hundreds of thousands of users with outdated, downloaded client technology that only provided single-carrier information.”

The research highlighted the need for an integrated, cloud-based, multi-carrier platform to simplify the sending of mail, flats and parcels. From that, SendPro shipping software was born.

SendPro is part of the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, a cloud-based software platform that provides access to solutions, analytics and APIs across the full commerce continuum. It helps clients identify customers, locate opportunities, enable communications and manage shipping and payments.

The SendPro shipping software solution is also available through the Windows Store and is included on the Windows 10 platform. Here’s a brief overview of the software and how it works:

SendPro Shipping Software Features

The SendPro shipping solution offers the following features:

  • Users can manage multi-carrier shipping online or from one of a series of devices;
  • Customers have access to the best rates available across carriers;
  • SendPro runs the full gamut of the shipping process, from addressing and label printing to comparing shipping options, package tracking and consolidated reporting;
  • Users can access via the cloud the information needed to select the best choice for each item based on service level and price.

“The Pitney Bowes SendPro family of integrated shipping, mailing and parcel receiving applications represents a breakthrough in convenience, simplicity and value much like the launch of the smartphone or the multi-function printer,” said Mark Shearer, executive vice-president and president, Pitney Bowes Global SMB Solutions, in a prepared statement.

“Businesses — especially small and medium businesses — are increasingly burdened by the growing complexity of sending parcels, flats and mail through multiple carriers with a variety of rate structures, service levels, and tracking and billing processes,” Shearer added.

According to Shearer, many smaller businesses lack the volume of parcels and mail or the resources to justify dedicated systems, or the personnel needed to optimize their sending.

“The SendPro solution takes the complexity out of multi-carrier sending and can be easily accessed through any smart device or through a new family of integrated shipping, mailing and parcel receiving systems,” he said.

SendPro integrates with the SendPro P Series — a digital envelope, mailing and shipping hardware system that includes a printer and scale — to manage multi-carrier office shipping and inbound package receiving capabilities more efficiently and with greater accountability.

SendPro Shipping Solution Purchase Options

The SendPro shipping software comes with two purchase options: individual and small office.

SendPro Individual. This option is ideal for those who only need one user account. Cost is $15 per month.

SendPro Small Office. Designed for offices that have multiple users (up to 50). Cost is $25 per month.

Except for the difference in user licenses, the features are the same for either option and include:

  • An interface that lets users send and track USPS, FedEx and UPS shipments from a single portal;
  • An address book that can pull recipient information from several different sources;
  • Package pick ups from the chosen carrier;
  • One-click access to account history for expense control and activity monitoring;
  • Discounts on shipping options and access to contracted rates.

For more information and to sign up for a 90-dayfree trial of the SendPro shipping solution, visit the Pitney Bowes SendPro website.

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