Staples Introduces Facebook Messenger Chat Feature

Staples Using Messenger Chat

Staples Inc. has announced it has teamed up with Facebook to enable Facebook Messenger functionalities on its mobile website. This simply means that Staples mobile users will now be able to use Messenger for customer service interactions.

Staples mobile customers who are interested in the service can now sign up to chat with sales and customer service specialists for post-sales support and any other form of shopping assistance.  Users will also be able to opt-in to receive personalized updates, like payment, confirmation and shipment notifications. This instant form of assistance will definitely save many business owners time as they get their questions answered quickly and at minimal cost.

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Staples Using Messenger Chat

“Staples customers are increasingly turning to Messenger to interact with our brand, and by adding these capabilities, we’re making it easier for them to connect with us and keep tabs on their order whenever and wherever they want,” the executive vice president of global e-commerce at Staples Inc. Faisal Masud said in a press release. “We see Messenger as another extension of our omnichannel offering, letting businesses leverage the power of our e-commerce, social media and customer service capabilities to have the best shopping experience possible.”

The chat feature was only available on Staples mobile site at launch, but plans to roll it out to desktop and tablet users were already in place.

To fully integrate the Messenger platform with its mobile site, Staples partnered with Powerfront, a cloud-based customer engagement solution that provides businesses with all the technology they need to sell more products, attract more prospects and manage their brand online. and Staples retail stores help small businesses make more happen by providing easy ways to shop, expanded business services and a broad assortment of products at competitive prices. They also offer businesses the convenience to shop any way they want — on mobile, through social apps, online or in store. The company has over 2,000 stores worldwide.

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With Staples using Messenger chat on its mobile website, customers will have an easier time making mobile purchases in the future.

Image: Staples

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  1. Does this mean that you can work with Facebook to have their chat feature as a customer service chat in your website? They should open this so that more small business owners can take advantage of it.