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table management software Reserve for Restaurants

Since they launched in 2014, Reserve has always been known as a ‘dining concierge’ and now they look ready to do more as they recently unveiled two new tools:, a website for users to find restaurants and make reservations, and a table management software Reserve for Restaurants.

“Our table management system, Reserve for Restaurants, is built around a simple philosophy — technology should facilitate hospitality and not stand in the way of a restaurant’s relationship with its guests. Restaurants deserve a better reservations platform — one that they love, and their guests love, too. So we do a few things differently,” co-founder and CEO Greg Hong said in a blog post.

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For $99 per month per location, restaurants can install the table management software Reserve for Restaurants.

The platform closely resembles OpenTable, but with marked differences. Beyond offering analytics, reservation capabilities and wait list management, the app does away with any additional fees such as cover costs for reservations made through the system. These are significant savings and Reserve adds that the savings could be anywhere between $0.25 and $7 per person.

Another distinguishing feature of the table management software Reserve for Restaurants, is its Salesforce-like capabilities that gives restaurateurs data on their frequent and loyal diners. The app doesn’t use information that customers provide Reserve’s system directly, but rather uses more organic means. This is a great benefit of the app, restaurants can now track things like what table diners prefer, favorite food and drinks, allergies they may have, visit history, and other preferences. It’s about providing a more hospitable experience for diners.

“Restaurateurs never need to say no to guests — if guests don’t see the time they want on the restaurant’s website or, they can always make a request via the Reserve app and the restaurant can offer alternate times or seating options, or place them on the waitlist,” Hong explained.

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As a companion to the Reserve app, Hong also introduced — a new destination for finding restaurants and making reservations. The website offers users with details of more than 500 restaurant partners across the country. These partners are specially curated and selected based on their service, ambiance and food. Visitors can now sort and filter restaurants based on vibe, cuisine, neighborhood as well as by restaurants that offer Instant Bookings online.

Reservations made on the app or website are free for users. 1 Comment ▼

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  1. I think that this is really useful for those high end restaurants with a view but not so much on low end restaurants where people come and go.