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Check On UPS Delivery Progress with New Follow My Delivery App

While most delivery services offer basic location services, UPS on Wednesday announced that it will be rolling out its “Follow My Delivery” app that allows users to check on UPS delivery progress.

The minute-by-minute tracking service works on both computers and smartphones and at the moment, it is only available for packages shipped using the more expensive UPS Worldwide Express and UPS Air options.

Monitor UPS Delivery Progress

To monitor UPS deliveries on live map, business owners will have to sign up for a UPS My Choice account. This is a free service that provides online package signing, package alerts and approximate delivery times.

The app sends an email to the recipient once their shipment is loaded to the transport truck and within the email there’s a yellow “Follow my delivery button” that opens a web page that shows the map of your local area.

The live map starts working when the delivery truck leaves the loading area and shows both the package’s final destination and its current location. The map automatically gets updated every 2-3 minutes. For safety reasons, the app doesn’t reveal the driver’s exact route.

“Follow My Delivery is the latest example of how we use technology to improve the e-commerce consumer delivery experience from the point of purchase to the time of delivery,” said Teresa Finley, UPS chief marketing officer in a press release.

Because users can be able to check on UPS delivery progress in real time then they are in a better position to know when their packages are coming and they can better arrange their storage space, potentially even cutting back on thefts as the delivered merchandises don’t have to stay for long on the front porches.

Since the launch of the UPS My Choice service in 2011, UPS has enabled businesses to better manage their deliveries. In addition to the solution, UPS also works with ecommerce retailers all over the world to achieve profitable growth using UPS ecommerce solutions that includes UPS Access Point network, fully-landed price information, multi-language web storefronts, web order marketplace fulfillment, simplified returns and other vital services and products that accelerate both domestic and international business growth.

With this app, businesses are not only able to track packages and monitor their UPS delivery progress, but they are also able to build customer loyalty using customized delivery notifications. “With these custom notices, our e-commerce retailers are able to send a tailored discount offer, product referral or thank-you message to their online consumers as part of UPS My Choice delivery alerts,” Finley added.

Image: UPS

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  1. Aira Bongco

    If there is something that you need to know, there is an app for it. It is amazing to look at it but it is also kind of scary to think that we will be dependent on these tools.

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