WebmasterRadio.fm Relaunching as Cranberry.fm After Buyout

WebmasterRadio.fm relaunching as Cranberry.fm

Cranberry LLC, a content marketing and amplification platform that provides native content distribution to improve customer engagement, announced recently it has acquired WebmasterRadio.fm and is re-launching the award-winning online radio and podcasting network as Cranberry Radio (cranberry.fm).

The strategic acquisition provides a broader platform for brands and individuals to amplify their content, messages and authority, while engaging with consumers and prospects. Small business owners can pivot the power of this medium to amplify their own brands and deepen relationships with consumers.  Here are the details behind WebmasterRadio.fm relaunching as Cranberry.fm.

WebmasterRadio.fm Relaunching As Cranberry.fm

According to Cranberry, WebmasterRadio.fm was the largest online radio and podcast platform in the digital marketing space, earning numerous awards and hosting major players in the media industry, including Steve Wozniak, Arianna Huffington and Barry Diller.

The pioneering online radio network delivered premium original programming on topics like online marketing, leadership and corporate governance for more than ten years. It educated, entertained, launched careers and showed the world how to have fun, becoming famous for throwing epic parties around industry events.

“We are excited to build off of the platform that WebmasterRadio has created,” said David McInnis, Cranberry’s founder and chief executive. “Cranberry’s content amplification platform will play a significant role in creating value for our audience, show hosts and advertisers.”

WebmasterRadio.fm’s founders, Daron and Brandy Babin, have welcomed the acquisition with Brandy saying the timing of the acquisition couldn’t have come at a better time. “This deal means greater visibility for all of our shows,” she said.

No financial terms of the deal were released, but Cranberry says WebmasterRadio founders and production team will stay on board, something that long-term listeners may appreciate.

Cranberry Radio Expands Programming

McInnis, who is also founder of the press release service PRWeb, said in a blog post his team has big plans for Cranberry Radio. Beginning immediately, they will expand programming into new categories, he writes.

The existing radio network had initially focused primarily in the digital marketing space, but going forward Cranberry Radio will expand into other verticals of business, life, politics and spirituality.

“By broadening our programming, we are creating new opportunities for our show hosts to build influence and audience. Just as we do not live our life in silos, content delivery should not be confined to silos. The new network will allow for cross pollination of content and ideas to more accurately reflect how we live our lives and use information.” explains McInnis.

Adopting the mantra “content marketing is not a transactional business,” Cranberry says it appreciates the value brands bring to the lives of consumers, and that it is committed to sharing ideas, starting conversations and content amplification for the long haul.

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