10 Tips for Growing Your Small Business Team

10 Tips for Growing Your Small Business Team

Whether you’re building out your sales team or just your staff in general, the quality of your small business team can determine your company’s success. To ensure that you put together the best possible group of employees, check out these team building tips from members of our small business community.

Overcome Objections When Building Employee Advocacy Programs

Employee advocacy can be a great way of reaching new audiences and communicating your brand’s message. But there are some things you need to overcome if you want an employee advocacy program to be effective. Michael Brito discusses more in this Content Marketing post.

Rely on Business Process Outsourcing

In today’s business world, there are ways to get help with your business process without hiring actual hourly employees. You can outsource various functions to professionals who can make you and your business more productive overall. In this Redbooth post, Jennifer Riggins explains why many entrepreneurs rely on business process outsourcing.

Find and Interview the Right People for Your Dream Team

Building your dream team means finding the right people and conducting your interviews in a way that will help you really flush out the best candidates. Karen Repoli of Hit Virtual shares more here. And members of the BizSugar community share their thoughts on the post as well.

Use These Employee Retention Techniques That Actually Work

Building a great team isn’t just about attracting talent. It’s also about keeping it. To learn more about some employee retention techniques that actually work, check out this SteamFeed post by Steven Scheck.

Understand the Power of Business Attraction

When you’re passionate and knowledgeable about your business, people are able to sense it. That can even have an impact on the people who you might want to work with or make deals with. In this Social Marketing Fella post, Vince Baiera explains the power of business attraction.

Hold Remote Team Meetings That Aren’t a Waste of Time

With more and more employees working remotely these days, it’s important that you know how to communicate and hold meetings with remote workers. Benjamin Brandall elaborates in this post on the 15Five blog. And BizSugar members weigh in too.

Show Your Employees That Your Small Business Cares

Employees want to know that they are not only doing good work and getting paid for it, but also that they’re working for a company that actually cares about them. In this SMB CEO post, Ivan Widjaya explains some ways you can show employees that your small business cares.

Use Effective Training Methods

No small business owner or team is perfect. You have to constantly learn and train your team to improve and keep up with the times. Brigg Patten shares more about effective training methods on the Cirrus Insight blog here.

Build a Culture Like Google’s

Having a positive workplace culture can actually help you attract the best possible team members to your company. In this post from Select International, Bekah Regan details how you can create a culture like Google’s, even when you’re not Google. You can also see further discussion over on BizSugar.

Include Internal Culture in Your Branding

Branding involves more than just designing a new logo. In fact, the actual internal culture of your company is part of your overall brand. Nick Davies discusses more about building transparent brands and taking that internal culture into account in this post on the Pretty Pragmatic blog.

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  1. It is important to not only recruit the best people but also do whatever it takes to retain them. It is useless to find a good employee and only see him leave because he saw a better offer.

  2. great tips for building a solid team… a structured team is the foundation of successful operations.

  3. Lloyd Lee | Qneo

    I think being passionate about your business should be the first and most important point. Great businesses and passion go hand in hand. Building a business for the wrong reasons is very transparent and even taxing on yourself. Making money, being successful and having passion can all be done while accomplishing the same goal!