Apollo 7 Earbuds Deliver Wireless Experience – with Hiccups

Apollo 7 Earbuds Deliver Wireless Experience - with Hiccups

Earbuds and earphones that block out the world and let you experience an audio book or take an important call anywhere are important to productivity. And for small business owners and entrepreneurs on the go, they can be vital to letting you stay connected.

Over the last decade, companies have spent considerable time trying to improve both headphones and earbuds. Huge milestones have been achieved and now, there are a variety of wireless headphones and earbuds to choose from. One such example is the Apollo 7 Earbud that just recently closed a Kickstarter campaign having successfully raised $500,846 USD with 1,602 backers.

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Wireless earbuds that are truly wire-free isn’t an entirely new idea, but the tech is progressively becoming smaller and smaller.

Compared to wireless earbuds like Sol Republic’s Shadow, Samsung’s Level U and LG’s Tone, the Apollo 7 by Erato doesn’t have any wires connecting the right and left earbuds.

Going for $249, the Apollo 7 wireless earbuds certainly aren’t the cheapest, but they do boast some premium qualities.

What’s In the Apollo 7 Earbuds Box?

The earbuds may look a bit small (weighing about 4 grams), but they have tons of tech inside. The drivers are quite small, only 5.8mm, so you shouldn’t expect pounding bass, but they, however, have a 20Hz-20kHz sensitivity, which is the standard range for headphones. Placing the earbuds on the case when it’s fully charged will add 2 additional charges to make for a total 9 hours.

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With a single touch you can be able to answer phone calls, switch tracks as well as activate Google Now or Siri.

The earbud also provides full support of the most advanced SBC, AAC and Aptx audio standards and is also compatible with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 tech that enables it to connect with your device up to 30 feet away.

All components are highly water resistant as all components are put through a nano-coating process that allows for safe use in a variety of weather conditions. “Whether you’re simply jogging through the rain or you accidentally drop the earphones into a puddle of water, you’re protected. Simply pick them up, wipe them off or better yet… actually give them a quick rinse in water and wipe dry. No harm done and in a couple of minutes you’re back to enjoying your tunes,” says the company in a statement on their website.

One Possible Hiccup?

There seems to be at least one hiccup — trouble watching video due to audio syncing, according to a review of the earbuds by Mashable. So this could be a serious drawback depending on how much the “latency” between video and audio bothers you while watching online videos like webinars or presentations or participating in Google Hangout discussions or video chat via Skype. Be warned.

The Apollo 7 comes with 3 sets of stabilizers and six different tip options, so it looks like Erato is really trying its best to make sure it accommodates everyone. However, it is evident that every consumer has a uniquely shaped ear so even with the different options you would still have to gamble your size. There’s also the fear that they’ll fall out if you don’t stick them deep in your ears. It’s a good idea to get used to the sports wings to keep them in place.

The Apollo 7 is available in 4 colors, including rose gold, mystic grey, luscious gold and liquid silver. These earbuds are a revelation and totally free you up from wires. The styling and use of a charger case is very clever. This makes them a good option for daily use. They are still available for pre-order.

Image: Erato

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