6 Super Speedy Blog Post Ideas for Time-Starved Handmade Entrepreneurs

Blog Post Ideas For Handmade Entrepreneurs

Of course there a a million things you could blog about if you had the time, but since you don’t, you have two options. Don’t blog at all, or blog quickly but effectively. This post offers 6 super speedy blog post ideas for handmade entrepreneurs that pack a powerful punch.

Super Speedy Blog Post Ideas For Handmade Entrepreneurs

1. Answer a Customer’s Question

This is perhaps the easiest and most overlooked way to produce a blog quickly. If one customer asks a question, many other customers probably have the exact same question. Why not please them all with a single post you can point o over and over again when customers ask the same question in the future.

General questions are best, such as how to use or purchase the type of products you make or why a person would choose your product over a similar product offered elsewhere.

Example: One of the questions a breast reconstruction patient may have is how to safely and comfortably exercise after breast reconstruction surgery. In this post, Teri Pearman of Infusion Breast Care Botanicals, who offers skin care products to sooth the skin after breast cancer treatments, answers this question. This is a great way for Teri to help the public in a way that clearly also leads them to her products.

2. Introduce a New Customer Service Feature

Don’t you think your customers deserve to know when you introduce a new feature that will help you serve them better? Of course you do, and a blog post is a great way to inform them.

In this post, Anne-Maria Faiola of Bramble Berry, tells her customers about a new packing machine that will help people get their packages faster and with less chance of damage. Whether it’s a shipping machine, a new customer service hire, or a fancy new app that helps you answer your customers’s questions more quickly, it makes a great blog post, and your customers deserve to know about it.

3. Share a Favorite Recipe

All you need to make a yummy recipe seem appealing is a person who is breathing! Everyone has to prepare food and eat it. This means that, at some points in time, everyone human on the Internet will be looking for a recipe. Why not yours?!

A recipe does not necessarily have to specifically complement your products, but if it does, all the better.

Example: Dennis and Kayla Fioravanti manage the Red Cedar Bison Farm in Tennessee, and Kayla is the resident bison-for-dinner expert. In this post, she shares how to make Strawberry Balsamic Glazed Bison Steaks. The recipe is shared on a printable recipe card so anyone can print it out and put it in a convenient place in the kitchen or easily share it with a friend.

4. Record a Video About a Product or Service

YouTube is a very popular search engine on its own. Why not make a video introducing your newest product or telling your customers about your making process? Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes look, even more when it’s a look at how you make a product they love to buy?

Example: When Christy Rose of KB Shimmer blogged abut how she made her Very Berry Vanilla Soap, she used three videos to showcase the beautiful colors and the amazing way her handmade soap came together in the soap pot.

5. Tell Your Customers How to Get the Most Out of the Products They Buy from You

Once someone buys your product, they may need your help using it properly. Why not satisfy existing customers with a blog post that tells them how to use a product they purchased from you. If you do, you may also simultaneously attract new customers who ask a similar question on a search engine.

Example: This post from Carrie and Darren Seibert of Soap Commander informs customers about the many different ways they can use their aftershave balm. Not only will customers benefit, but so will people searching the Internet for ways to maximize the aftershave balm they already have. Won’t it be great when they stumble on this post and not only get an answer o their question, but also find a new brand of aftershave balm to love?!

6. Tell the Story of a Handmade Entrepreneur or an Event in Your Town

Everyone loves a local story of a person striking out on their own in pursuit of the American dream. Use your blog to showcase a fellow entrepreneur or a feel-good, startup type event in your town.

Example: In this post, Cindy Jones of Sagescript shares about Startup Week in her hometown, and lets everyone know how she has volunteered to mentor young entrepreneurs as a part of the event. A post like this lets her customers, the local ones in particular, discover first-hand how Cindy gives back in her local community.

Rotate these ideas and you’ll never run out of blog post ideas for handmade entrepreneurs.

If you use this as a guide, you can rotate these six topics and easily have a blog post a week for the life of your business.

Be sure to use key words to attract your audience via search engines, and use a big, juicy, colorful graphic to complement the content.

Also, link to the blog post in all of your social media outlets, and make sure your newsletter subscribers know about it.

What are your super speedy blog post ideas for handmade entrepreneurs?

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Donna Maria Coles Johnson Donna Maria is the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, a trade organization providing mentoring and coaching services, and affordable product liability insurance, to makers and creative entrepreneurs across North America. An award-winning small business advocate, Donna Maria has hosted the Indie Business Podcast since 2005. She blogs at Indie Business Blog.

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