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  1. I think fear is okay to a certain degree because it allows you to look at the risks that you are about to take. But then, fear should not stop you in becoming the business owner that you want to be.

  2. You have to be a combination – never too much of a risk taker and not to be too careful that you don’t take any risk. You have to know the trick to keeping things in balance.

  3. I am definitely a risk taker. I think that it comes with being a business owner. Having a business alone is a big risk.

  4. I think it depends on how much money one has to risk in the first place. I have very little money and when it’s gone, it’s gone. I have no outside support and doubt that crowd funding would respond to an ecommerce site such as the one I want to start. However, I still think about it every day, I’m taking some time to regroup, rethink and refine my original idea so that when I take the plunge I won’t hit the bottom of the pool.