Prefer Chai to Coffee in Your Office? Check Out Chime

chime chai tea maker

Coffee makers are essential parts of most office kitchens. They can help to keep your employees energized and motivated throughout the day, increasing both productivity and morale. But what about those employees who don’t drink coffee?

If you have some team members in your office who don’t enjoy coffee, having only a coffee maker and no alternatives in your office kitchen can make them feel left out or even disconnected from the rest of the team. But there are options out there. In fact, there’s one new option in the marketplace that could really appeal to all of your team members who are fans of authentic chai tea.

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Chime Chai Tea Maker

The Chime chai tea maker is making a name for itself as the sort of Keurig coffee maker for authentic chai tea. Chime offers small Chime Caps full of authentic chai tea and spices, similar to the K-cups that Keurig and other single serve coffee makers use. Chime then steeps that collection of tea and spices in the brewing chamber. And below, you add a cup of your preferred milk into the carafe and the machine simmers it while the tea is brewing. Chime then combines the tea and milk to create an authentic chai tea that you can enjoy pretty much right away.

In addition, there’s even a Chime mobile app that you can connect to the machine and use to start the brewing process and even keep up your stock of Chime Caps. There are five different varieties of Chime Caps to choose from, including assam, cardamom, ginger, cardamom and ginger, and masala. So you can keep a variety of different flavor options for your team in the office kitchen if you have different employees who enjoy different varieties.

To purchase a Chime chai tea maker, you’ll need to spend about $399. However, the company is offering a special lower preorder price of $249 up until June 20, 2016. To reserve that special pricing, you’ll need to put down a deposit of at least $25. The actual release is scheduled for March 2017.

For small businesses, investing in a Chime chai tea maker or similar devices that offer alternatives to coffee can present several advantages for offices. It can offer that same type of energizing beverage that coffee drinkers often enjoy in the office throughout the day. It can also improve morale for those employees who don’t drink coffee and might have otherwise missed out on the benefits of having the ability to take a quick coffee break. And even for those employees who do drink coffee, it can provide even more of a variety so that your team has choices throughout the day.

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So while offering a chai tea maker in your office kitchen probably isn’t actually essential to your small business’s operations, having employees who are satisfied and productive is important. And if doing something small like providing alternatives to coffee in your office kitchen can offer improvements in those areas, it’s certainly something to be considered.

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