eBay Launches Open for Business Podcast to Serve Entrepreneurs

eBay Launches Open for Business Podcast to Serve Entrepreneurs

Looking for new podcasts or sources of business related content? You’re in luck. eBay recently launched a new podcast alongside Gimlet Creative, a media company founded by veterans of NPR and This American Life. The podcast, entitled Open for Business, features insights, tips and questions for new business owners.

For example, the podcast’s first episode, The Entrepreneurial Mind, discusses the meaning of success in business and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. More specifically, the episode discusses the possibility of an “entrepreneurial gene.” Is entrepreneurship something that you’re born with, or can you use sheer will and hard work to make it in the business world?

John Henry, founder of Harlem-based venture capital fund Cofound Harlem and former owner of a dry cleaning startup is the host of Open for Business. In the first episode, Henry speaks with various experts about the concept and science behind entrepreneurship, including Dr. Scott Shane, who has studied the connection between genetics and entrepreneurship, and Corri McFadden, founder of consignment business eDrop-Off.

Open for Business plans to tackle different topics related to entrepreneurship in each weekly episode. Episode 2 is titled Growing Pains, and Episode 3 is called Price Is Right?

You can listen to the first episode now. And you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or RSS to make sure you get updates for each weekly episode. While the podcast is mainly aimed at newer business owners and entrepreneurs, there may also be episodes with relatable themes for a wider audience.

eBay states in a post on it’s official news blog, “Open for Business shows how to build a business and talks to entrepreneurs about what keeps them up at night. Combining humor and intelligence, each episode tackles some of the most basic – and most difficult – questions new business owners face: How do you know when to quit your day job? What should you look for when hiring? And, it examines the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of starting a company.”

Since eBay’s launch over 20 years ago, the ecommerce giant has been a helpful tool for many online business owners throughout the world. And for those just getting into the world of business ownership, whether it’s through eBay or another avenue, having access to content and insights from more experienced business voices can always be a plus. This new podcast is just one more option for new entrepreneurs looking to grow their knowledge base and explore topics they might have not otherwise considered.

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  1. I think eBay is now finally doing something to get the attention of entrepreneurs. Their competition are acting fast. I think this is a great way to get leads.