Forget Activity Tracking! The Zenta Wearable is an Emotion Tracker

Emotion Tracker Zenta Wearable

Imagine owning a cutting-edge accessory that gives you a holistic view of your overall wellbeing and prompts you to become the best version of yourself.

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

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Zenta — an innovative, design-led biometric wrist band created by London-based technology design studio and research lab Vinaya — claims it can keep track of your emotions.

Yes, your emotions!

Emotion Tracker – Zenta Wearable

According to Zenta, the biometric wearable for emotional well being tracks your activity, breathing patterns, sleep quality, and works out how these impact your emotions, overall mood and stress levels throughout the days, weeks and months you use it. The revolutionary features make the device stand out from other activity trackers like FitBit.

So just how practical is all this? The life of an entrepreneur or small business owner may be exciting, but it is also often quite stressful. A product like Zenta might be very helpful to business owners who want to track their own emotional states, decrease stress, increase happiness and boost overall productivity.

Why Zenta?

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are too engaged in their businesses to focus on what makes them happy. They suffer stress and find there are not enough hours in the day. Often they feel they are not in control and don’t know how to find balance. In fact, thanks to a hyper-connected world, stress is a common cause of many of the most serious illnesses, like depression.

Sophie, a business person, says she uses Zenta to help quiet her mind when she’s feeling overwhelmed, especially before a meeting. Going by her testimonial for Zenta, when her stress levels peak, her wearable notifies her with a subtle vibration. It guides her through an interactive breathing exercise, vibrating in sync with her heart beat. Sophie says she is able to calm herself, even while she’s on the go.

Zenta admits it designed the wearable tech to help people discover positive and negative patterns in their emotions and actions over time — much like a digital mentor for your personal well being. By wearing and interacting with Zenta, you help the wearable collect information about you as you carry on with your daily activities. It will then nudge you with personalized pointers and guidance to build better lasting habits and make targeted lifestyle adjustments only when you need them most.

“An emotional system that is unbiased and thought-provoking, Zenta could just be the next unlocking of self-awareness, self-actualization and personal development,” Kate Unsworth, Vinaya’s Millennial Founder and CEO, told Forbes Magazine.

So How Does Zenta Work?

Zenta says it uses “the most advanced biometric sensing technology and machine learning algorithms” inbuilt on the wearable to “decode cues from your body, mind and digital life”:

Emotion Tracker - How Zenta Wearable WorksUsing principles of neuroscience and psychology, Zenta seamlessly collects and synthesizes interconnected information about your life far beyond just registering your steps. And it does so while requiring minimum input from you. The more you wear Zenta, the more it will learn about your emotional responses, and the more intuitive your experience will become, says Unsworth.

It’s evident that you can now indeed conveniently merge the worlds of technology, well being and fashion for him or her in business. Each Zenta accessory features a stylish stone embedded with “hidden technology and a band with unobtrusive sensors.”

The stone is made of scratch-proof zirconia ceramics, a material that is remarkably similar to diamond, while the designer wearable as a whole is water resistant, extra durable and comfortable for everyday wear. Zenta says it is designed to be worn for any occasion.

Scheduled to be launched in 2017, the consumer price for Zenta and Zenta Sport (with a sport band) will be $299 and $249 respectively. However, you can pre-order Zenta at discounted prices during the ongoing Indiegogo campaign, including the current price of $119 throughout June only.

Images: Viyana

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  1. I had the Acer Watch and I am not really a fan of it because of the low battery life. It is as if I have to charge it everyday. Even if this tracks the emotion, will it be of some use? It may be good if you are into seeing your emotions as in meditation and yoga.

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