7 Ways to Be Happier in Your Handmade Business

7 Steps to Happy Crafting

I recently reviewed some of the articles in a special edition of Time Magazine called The Science of Happiness. There wasn’t much in the publication that I didn’t already know, but it was nice to have it all in one place, and chunked into bite-sized articles I could not only read, but also apply in fresh ways to my life. As a Maker, you are already doing what makes you happy every day, but just doing what you love cannot make you happy all the time. Here are 7 other scientifically proven ways to multiply the happiness you experience in your Maker life.

Happy Crafting Ahead

Listen to Things that Make You Happy

Fill your life and work space with music and audio files you enjoy. Whether it’s cranking up tunes by your favorite bands or listening to good audio books or Ted Talks, fill your mind with the things that uplift you and make you smile.

Practice Your Spiritual Beliefs

There is something extraordinarily wonderful about believing in things that cannot be experienced with your five physical senses. Studies show that people who have such beliefs, especially when experienced corporately, are happier and less stressed out than people who do not. What do you believe about spiritual things? Find others who share those beliefs, and support them as they also support you.


You know it. I know it. Nothing else needs to be said.

Nurture Relationships

Being intimately connected to circles of friends is critical to your health and well-being, especially as you mature. Call your friends, send thoughtful notes and cards in the real mail, remember birthdays, text an emoji of support, send flowers. Good friends create a rich tapestry in your life. Stay happy by investing in your dearest friends consistently and intentionally.

Get Enough Sleep

Scientists recommend a full eight hours of sleep every night. You are a happier you, not to mention a more productive you (which produces more happiness), when you get adequate sleep.

If you are a parent, take special care to create ways to get more sleep. I know this is not highly recommended, but after being ridiculously sleep deprived after my first child was born, I made a habit out of sleeping with the second one so he would sleep better and I could get more sleep. You may make a different choice, but do whatever you need to do to make sure you get enough sleep.

Spend Time in Nature

I once heard that some architects constructed a park on the roof of a corporate high rise office building in the middle of a major American city. It has flowers and trees, a walking track, and even a little waterfall. Of course, all-natural is probably best, but use whatever is available to you. Today, greener spaces are popping up everywhere, and taking advantage of them boosts happiness and positivity.

Save for the Future

A good deal of happiness comes as a result of feeling safe and secure about the future. Even if it’s a few bucks a week to start out, put some money aside for your future. Paying yourself first confirms that you are on a right path and that you’ll ultimately have a cushion at the ready when you need it. (And you will need it.)

How do you boost your happiness quotient?

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Donna Maria Coles Johnson Donna Maria is the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, a trade organization providing mentoring and coaching services, and affordable product liability insurance, to makers and creative entrepreneurs across North America. An award-winning small business advocate, Donna Maria has hosted the Indie Business Podcast since 2005. She blogs at Indie Business Blog.

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  1. Great points. I love adding music to my daily journey. If I’m feeling sluggish I put on something upbeat. If I need to concentrate I’ll put on something pretty without lyrics. Music can really help shape your day.

  2. I have found happy me time spaces for years now. It’s energizing and important.

  3. I apply all of the 7 ways you listed depending on the mood I’m in. They really do make a difference. Just adding music or taking a walk in nature boosts me and gives me more energy.

  4. I think that it is important to create with love and presence. I know it may sound cheesy but this is the only way to have quality creations.

  5. Great tips! These 7 ways can also be used to find inspiration. Happy crafting!

  6. Actually, sleeping with your child is very highly recommended and is a brilliant way to get more sleep too! James McKenna at Notre Dame has a Mother/Baby Sleep Lab where he’s studied cosleeping for years, and he’s found that it’s physiologically beneficial for both mother and child to sleep next to each other. So get those eight hours!