Zenefits App Lets Staff Request Vacation, Access Benefits Via Mobile

Zenefits for Mobile HRMS App

A new mobile application for iOS released by human resources (HR) tech company Zenefits puts key HR capabilities in employees’ pockets, allowing them to request time off, check health insurance information, access pay stubs and more while on-the-go.

Given that we are living from our phones these days, the new Zenefits app for Mobile could well be what many small business owners and HR managers have been waiting for. The app can potentially help make HR mobile, and also automate it to a large degree.

Automating HR and Helping Employees Access HR Data

According to a report by the nonprofit small business group Score, HR-related work at small and midsize businesses consumes 25-35 percent of a small business owner’s time. Employees at such businesses are constantly looking to access HR data, particularly on personal time when they are away from their desks.

While accessing HR data is important for employees, the tools enabling it are often out of reach for many small businesses in terms of cost and complexity, says Itai Turbahn, Director of Product at Zenefits. However, the Zenefits platform is designed to streamline HR tasks for businesses and their employees, Turbahn says.

“By giving employees greater access to their information via mobile, they can find information about their benefits coverage, FSA balances, etc. on their own. For business owners and operations managers that oversee HR, this time savings is a game changer,” Turbahn told PC Mag.

Zenefits for Mobile HRMS App

Zenfits for Mobile is the company’s first full-fledged mobile app. It includes many of the features you will find linked to in the desktop app from the main tabs: People, Insurance, Time Off, Pay Stubs and More.

The People tab in the mobile app allows users to access the employee directory where they can view departments and roles, search for coworkers, and contact them by phone, email or text.

Zenefits for Mobile HRMS App - People Tab

The Insurance tab allows employees access to important insurance policy information and benefits summaries when visiting healthcare providers, including commuter benefits and HSA and FSA flexible spending account balances.

Zenefits for Mobile HRMS App - Insurance Tab

Then there is the Pay Stubs tab that is integrated with the Zenefits Payroll feature. This allows employees access to current and past pay stubs, income and deductions.

Zenefits for Mobile HRMS App - Pay Stubs Tab

The Time Off tab, which Turbahn calls particular attention to, is built with an automated approval flow. The approval flow includes links to the company’s time off policy, holiday calendar and a real-time count of accrued vacation time and balances before submitting requests.

“People love the new PTO [paid time off] feature. For many companies, requesting time off is still a very manual process; fill out a form, get signatures, email or fax — yes, people still fax! With the Zenefits mobile app, you can make a request in a few swipes and the approval process is automated,” Turbahn told PC Mag. “We’re bringing the information and ability to act when you need it most, whether that is requesting PTO when planning a trip with friends, checking your benefits information from the doctor’s office, or reordering your commuter benefits card while you think about it on your way into work.”

Zenefits for Mobile HRMS App Experience

Zenefits says ensuring a great mobile experience for its users is critical because people use mobile devices for virtually everything, both at home and at work.

“Many of our users are not in front of a computer all day,” said Turbahn. “They are helping customers in restaurants, dental offices, and retail stores, or out in the field making sales calls or working on construction sites. We will continue evolving the mobile experience to give users greater access and control over their personal details and benefits information, and more opportunities to take action from wherever they are to save time.”

Zenefits for Mobile is currently available in the App Store, and the company says it plans to add more capabilities throughout the year, and release the mobile app for Android in fall 2016.

Images: Zenefits

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