Small Businesses Posting More Jobs Related to Transportation

Small Businesses Posting More Jobs Related to Transportation

Transportation job postings are much more highly concentrated in small business compared to businesses of all sizes, with over a quarter of all small business job postings in the transportation sector. This represents strong demand for jobs like truck and delivery drivers.

The American Trucking Tonnage Index remains above its level from the same time last year, due in part to favorable fuel prices and the continued rise in online shopping, says Daniel Culbertson, economic research analyst at Indeed.

“Small businesses are once again competing with other size businesses for this type of role and there doesn’t seem to be a slowdown,” he says.

Small Business Jobs Related to Transportation on the Rise

According to Indeed’s data on job postings from small businesses, 27 percent of them were in the transportation sector. That is twice as many as the second most in demand jobs being advertised by small businesses nationwide.

Jobs in management rank No. 2 in Indeed’s jobs listings data. A total of 12 percent of job ads were for management.

Healthcare jobs (No. 3 on Indeed’s list) and computer/tech occupations are still in demand from some of the recession-proof industries that are also hiring at a high rate. Still, though, only 8 percent and 7 percent of all small business job listings are for people with these skill sets.

“Healthcare and tech are this economy’s industry stalwarts and will remain in demand for the foreseeable future,” Culbertson says.

The other most in-demand jobs for small businesses are sales, business and finance, personal care and service, food prep and service, healthcare support and productions operator.

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  1. If they are doing business online with some form of delivery – I think that is what transportation is for.