You Can Delay Mobile Optimization No Longer

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Mobile Optimization Becoming a Necessity

For quite some time now, we’ve looked at the optimization and experience of mobile as an option rather than a necessity — the added boost to really keep your site and campaign efforts kicking and competitive. But less than being an added boost has mobile optimization become an absolute must, as user and device research indicates an irrefutable shift away from the traditional desktop and towards smartphones.

As you may or may not have already heard, recent reports show that more Google searches were completed on mobile devices than desktops. Even more interestingly, data revealed that mobile searches result in a considerably high number of purchases and foot traffic into local businesses-much more so than desktop searches. If these observations represent the latest of search habits, then mobile optimization is unavoidable on a monetary basis alone. But money isn’t the only reason it’s time to invest in mobile optimization.

Mobile Optimization Becoming a Necessity

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here: above all else, you really have to prioritize user experience over everything else. It’s the most natural, results-driven way to organically drive your CTR, lead conversion, shares, and everything else that gets factored into SEO. When coupled with quality content or effective PPC copy, mobile optimization is the smoking gun necessary for online competition.

When a user clicks on your page or advertisement, an impression is made within 1/10 of a second. If that fraction of a second is spent loading a desktop format onto a mobile device, chances are the user is going to quickly abandon the page or the ad. Ensuring that your web presence is fully optimized for mobile users is not only the best way to capitalize on the evolving nature of search, but also essential for staying relevant among competitors.

To get started on your mobile transition, use Google’s new tool to test how mobile-friendly your website is. From there, you can move forward with mobile responsive ads, local search optimization, and more.

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  1. So right! I have a couple clients holding out on mobile- but they are coming around to the idea! 😀