QuickBooks Android App Lets You Switch Companies On Your Phone

QuickBooks Android app

The QuickBooks Android app is making it easier for you to switch between companies on your tablet or phone.

In an article posted on its official blog, QuickBooks announced it’s making it simpler for businesses with multiple company subscriptions in QuickBooks Online to switch companies.

New QuickBooks Android App Makes Work Easy

The blog post provides a step-by-step guidance on how you can switch companies on QuickBooks Android. Here are the steps you will have to follow:

  • Open the menu.
  • Tap your company to see the list.
  • Select a different company.
  • And that’s it! You are now in your other company.

In addition to allowing you to switch companies, the QuickBooks Android App has updated the security features and made some more improvements.

Corrective Measures Draw More Businesses

These new updates to its QuickBooks Android app can be seen as an attempt by Intuit to reinvigorate its subscriber growth rate. Notably, QuickBooks Online’s subscriber growth rate dropped for the third consecutive quarter in Q3, 2016, despite earning more than predicted.

Crawford Del Prete of IDC told CNBC, “They had a great quarter. My bet is that there’s skepticism that demand can continue without the seasonal strength that tax season represents.”

Del Prete’s views are echoed by Stifel analyst Brad Reback who notes that “it only gets harder from here” as the subscriber base gets saturated.

Apart from updating its app, Intuit is also partnering with BDO USA, one of the leading accounting and consulting firms, to reach more small businesses.

“Like us, BDO is focused on helping small businesses adopt today’s online technologies and streamline processes to fuel their success,” said Jim McGinnis, vice president and leader of Intuit’s Accountant Segment. “We look forward to working with BDO to move their small business clients online and help build their planned online accounting platform offering.”

Image: Intuit

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