Amanda Stillwagon As Chief Marketer for Small Business Trends, Amanda oversees online marketing, email marketing and social media marketing for the Small Business Trends group of sites.

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  1. Right. It is not good to totally depend on social media pages. It is better to have your own website.

  2. Exactly what I have been telling my readers in several recent blog posts in my Small Business Website Series. Great minds think alike. Free email addresses telegraph a message that a small business isn’t serious or professional. Social media is not the same as having a website – but both are important parts of a strategic marketing plan. Great work, Amanda!

  3. My thoughts exactly. Although social media is a powerful tool in promoting business, it is always not enough. Marketers shouldn’t just settle on one thing, there are wide variety of options to explore and choose from.

  4. Thank you, Amanda for this informative topic. I agree and support your points specially when it comes to being strategic on taking care of your domain and enter the realm of digital marketing. Good reads !

  5. All very good stuff Amanda! You would think with all that has been said about these things that people would know better, but they still have to always be reminded. I have shared your post on my Facebook page and on LinkedIn.

    BTW… The “Oops” graphic for the post is amazing!

  6. I think that #1 is the most common mistake in companies. Utilizing your own website and building SEO is more important than Social Media Managing.Thank you for sharing this. Good Article!

  7. I agree with points 1-4 but I don’t really understand the benefits #5. Do you mean using those domain names in ads? Where are people seeing these variations of your domain that is forwarded to the main site?


  8. @Amanda
    Nice post amanda.
    Small mistakes becomes big time after time. Great points #3 and #4
    This is truly a great post.

  9. Great work Amanda! These are amazing tips to avoid these mistake. This is an amazing guide for Small Businesses. Thanks for this knowledgeable and useful post.

  10. Good points. Now trying to get people to listen is going to be a challenge. I meet so many business owners that expect things to “work out” on their own.

  11. Amanda did it again! Totally support this.

  12. Thanks for this information…

  13. Great work Amanda! These are amazing tips to avoid these mistakes. This is an amazing guide for Businesses. Thanks for this knowledgeable and useful post.