New PayChex WORX Small Business Resource Center Provides Advice

New PayChex WORX Small Business Resource Center Provides Advice

Human resources industry leader Paychex (NASDAQ:PAYX) has expanded its digital resource base with the launch of an all-new content hub.

Paychex WORX is designed to further complement Paychex’s human capital management services by providing businesses of all shapes and sizes with meaningful tips and tricks to assist them in establishing market dominance.

Small Business Resource Center

Launched at the start of June, Paychex WORX offers users a wide array of expert articles, videos, white papers and infographics meant to keep users up-to-date on emerging business trends and provoke discussion between entrepreneurs.

According to Andrew Childs, Paychex’s vice president of marketing, the content hub will subsequently enable business owners to ensure that their companies are able to evolve in line with their respective industries.

“The business landscape is continuously evolving, particularly as it relates to regulatory and compliance matters,” Childs said in an interview with Small Business Trends. “Staying up-to-date on trends, business demands and new technology can be challenging but failing to prepare and comply can lead to costly consequences.”

“Paychex WORX gives employers the knowledge to empower their businesses and their people to be successful,” Childs added.

Paychex is one of the most established names in payroll, human resources and benefits outsourcing.

Since launching in 1971, the company has grown from one employee to a team of 12,000 that serves more than 500,000 business clients across America.

Paychex specializes in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions geared at streamlining a wide range of tedious business administration tasks. By integrating payroll processing and insurance services, Paychex also works to customize its offerings in order to provide each individual client with its own, bespoke SaaS solution.

“Paychex has a full suite of human capital management services, including payroll, HR, retirement and insurance,” Childs said. “We know that employers are looking to take their businesses to the next level.”

“Paychex created WORX to help them do just that — providing the knowledge, tools and resources to help advance their business at every stage.”

In addition to useful how-to articles, the company’s new content hub also offers a range of business calculators, videos and interactive webinars designed to assist would-be entrepreneurs work out start-up costs and HR expenses.

By addressing client needs through various media platforms, Childs says that business owners are more likely to benefit from the expert knowledge that the Paychex team has to offer.

“Paychex WORX offers a digital destination for content of all mediums,” he said. “It highlights the breadth of our product offering, expertise and ability to help businesses of all sizes with a wide range of human resource and financial information.”

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