Alignable Launches Main Street Insights Content Hub

Small Business Resource - Alignable Main Street Insights

Online business community Alignable has expanded its digital resource base with the launch of a dynamic new content hub.

Small Business Resource – Alignable Main Street Insights

Main Street Insights has been designed to complement Alignable’s extensive social network of local business owners by providing users with a diverse range of useful market data, service reviews and industry tips.

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Launched at the end of May, Main Street Insights not only enables the experts at Alignable to publish content addressing common business questions and concerns — but it also provides members of the online community with a public forum with which to draft and share stories about their own business experiences.

As a result, Chief Marketing Officer Dan Slagen says that Main Street Insights will inevitably prove to be a crucial content resource for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

“We only serve up content and experiences that are 100 percent relevant to local business owners,” Slagen told Small Business Trends. “You won’t find the ‘6 secrets of SEO’ on our blog. Rather, you’ll hear from real business owners about what’s working and what’s a waste of time.”

Main Street Insights also houses customer podcasts that focus on local business stories. They provide listeners with a rare glimpse into the body and soul of an up-and-coming entrepreneur — starting with their childhood and early career, before delving into their latest venture and the challenges they’ve been forced to overcome.

The new digital space also highlights the most intriguing forum debates happening elsewhere in the Alignable world. Sharp discussions on social media marketing, management operations and human resources afford readers an opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of small business strategy in order to make their own minds up about how to move forward.

“Our content doesn’t come from generic trends or what’s on the news last night, but rather comes from our own users, what they’re talking about, what they need to know and what’s most pressing for them to grow and solve current challenges,” Slagen said.

The concept behind Main Street Insights certainly slots in well with Alignable’s current range of offerings.

Since its launch in 2012, the Boston-based social network has grown by leaps and bounds for one simple reason: it shuns clickbait and time-wasting business content in order to help local businesses forge genuine connections with purpose.

“Businesses use Alignable to connect with the right people, not more people,” Slagen said. “We’ve all spent too much time focused on large social media numbers over the past few years. How many followers, how many likes, how many friends.”

“It’s at the point of diminishing return, and we encourage our users to make less connections and more quality connections.”

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