Meem Creates a Smartphone Backup Every Time You Recharge

Meem Creates a Smartphone Backup Every Time You Recharge

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MEEM is a charger, mini-computer and backup storage device all rolled into one designed to store the personal bits of data in your iOS or Android smartphone every time you plug it in.

There is a lot of data on the smartphones you carry, some much more important than the rest. In most cases, the personal information, such as personal photos, has value that can’t be quantified. But sometimes it includes business information with a very real value to your company.

Your phone can get lost, stolen or damaged. And in these instances, the first thing you think about after concern over the whereabouts of your lost device is the personal — and business — information stored there. MEEM saves that information in a way that is convenient, easy and under your control on the very same cable you charge your phone.

Smartphone Backup on the Cable?

Yes, on the cable. Well, technically it is not on the cable, but in a small unit that has been seamlessly integrated into the cable to be minimally obtrusive.

According to the company, the average Android or iOS user has 1.98GB or 7.68GB, respectively of ‘Meemable’ data that can be backed up on the MEEM device. Granted you can store the data in the cloud, but it makes is susceptible to hackers or government snooping, both of which may raise  other issues depending upon the sensitivity of the data and how you are making use of it.

The company that makes MEEM goes on to say, “No hacker abuse. No corporate exploitation. No government intrusion.”

The Specs for MEEM

  • Overall length: 1200mm or 47 inches
  • Main Body: Length 102.6mm Width 21.1mm Height 8.3mm
  • Weight: 132g
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 32-bit RISC processor
  • Ram: 1GB DDR3(L)
  • Storage: 16GB for Android and 32GB for iOS
  • OS: Apple iOS 7 / Android OS 4.1.2 and above.
  • USB v2.0 with USB BC1.2 battery specification
  • Data Transfer Speed: 3 to 4 MBPS (depending on the phone OS and hardware)
  • Charging Rate: up to 2.8A@5V (As per maximum charging rate of the phone)

As you can see from the specs, this is not a USB flash drive with SMS backup software. It is essentially a mini computer with a PCB, processor, integrated circuits and memory, which allows it to interoperate with multiple mobile devices and technology platforms.

MEEM extracts data from your mobile devices and puts it back where it retrieved it from. An ordinary flash drive cannot do that while charging mobile phones at the same rate if not faster than OEM Apple and Android chargers.

Using MEEM

When you connect MEEM, you will be directed to the app store of your device to download the MEEM app for free.  When you finish, you are given a password, which you will use to sync or personalize with your device. The 4-digit pin code is required to transfer data, and without the code, the cable will only charge your device.

To ensure the safety of your data, MEEM uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit symmetric encryption algorithm. If you lose the cable and someone plugs it into their phone, they will not have access to the data without entering the security code.

The company says MEEM mirrors the data on your phone, which means if the data on your phone is lost it will also get deleted from MEEM with the next backup. However, the device is working on a mirror plus mode that will store all of the data from select categories on MEEM even if it is deleted from the mobile device.

MEEM is being sold on the company site for 49 Euros or $55, which is quite high for a storage device of this size, but as mentioned earlier, it is much more than that. The workmanship and components in the device and a three year international warranty seem to merit the added cost.

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