10 Crazy Products on the Market (Video)

Think your product idea is crazy? It wouldn’t be the first. But just because a product idea might seem weird or crazy doesn’t mean that it won’t be successful.

From clip-on man buns to protein bars made with crickets, there are actually quite a few seemingly crazy products currently on the market, ten of which are included in the above video. And their craziness could very well be the secret of their success.

When coming up with new product ideas, you could just go the safe route. Find a market where there’s already plenty of demand, identify a need that isn’t yet being filled and hope your product gets noticed.  It’s a model that has certainly worked for plenty of businesses in the past. That’s assuming potential customers don’t simply pass over your product lost in a sea of competitors without taking a second look.

Crazy Products Stand Out

On the other hand,  when you come up with a weird or even crazy product idea, people aren’t going to just walk by without at least taking notice. Those weird qualities can often be what draws people’s attention to a product and ultimately gets them to make the purchase. Even some of the products we all use today were once considered crazy.

So get inspired for your next weird product venture.

Make sure to also check out the full list of the weirdest product ideas on the market today.

Images: Ripple Maker, Manbun.com, Traffic Video via Shutterstock, Man in Rain Video via Shutterstock, StacheShield.com

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  1. The product may seem crazy at first but if it appeals to a particular niche, then it is okay.The question then is if the demand is lasting.