Designer Pimps Business Card With Marketing Message You Can Feel

Designer Pimps Business Card Design With Marketing Message You Can Feel

With so many new media marketing tactics for businesses to utilize, it might seem like business cards are a thing of the past. But those seemingly simple tools can still help you make a great impression with in-person customers – if you actually take the time to create designs that reflect your business.

Business Card Design Process Walkthrough

Patricia Braune is a textile and surface designer based in Sydney, Australia. She creates a variety of creative textiles and wallpapers in different patterns and textures. And so when it came to designing her business cards, she wanted something that expressed that same style and aesthetic to potential customers.

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Business Card Design - Patricia Braune

For the cards, Braune utilized Moo’s Soft Touch Paper for a tactile design. The paper offers a feel that’s more unique and professional than regular old paper. The hope is that choosing that type of paper will show Braune’s customers how much care and consideration goes into the rest of her work as well.

Braune said in an email to Small Business Trends, “As a Textile & Surface Designer, I wanted to showcase my fabric design style on my business card, to make an impression of what I offer as a designer. Having a tactile card like Moo’s Soft Touch Paper, beautifully printed with my designs gives a glimpse into what I do and the attention to detail of my work.”

Business Card Design - Patricia Braune Marketing Message

It may not be necessary for every other professional to choose the same exact paper or to even go with an option other than the default business card paper. But for a textile and surface designer, that sort of sensory experience that goes beyond simple aesthetics is important.

So for other small businesses, the lesson is that even the little things that go into making a business card can really matter to your customers. That might mean choosing a sort of metallic finish. It might mean creating a card in a unique shape. Or it could just mean taking the time to create a design that truly encompasses your brand and what it stands for.

Business Card Design - Patricia Braune Finish

Overall, it’s just important to think about what you want your business cards to say to your customers. Aside from just giving them your basic information, business cards still have the ability to make a real impression. So don’t waste the opportunity to show your brand in the best possible light, even if it’s in a more traditional, offline format.

Business Card Design - Patricia Braune's Business Cards

Braune says, “I understand that times are moving fast and technology has replaced printed marketing on many levels, but a business card is still a small tangible reminder of you and your business, that is why you have to make them creative, beautifully designed and memorable.”

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  1. Quality can really go a long way. It is nice how this company goes another mile in designing something as simple as a business card.

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