Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Printer Fits in Pocket, Prints Photos on the Go

Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Printer Fits in Pocket, Prints Photos on the Go

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Even though many people have smartphones that can take pictures and videos, and show thousands of images, they still like the feeling of a photograph in their hands. The new Fujifilm (TYO:4901) instax SHARE SP-2 printer wants to give you that feeling by instantly printing the pictures you take on your smartphone.

Fujifilm has made the process of printing photographs as simple as possible with the Instax SHARE. With three simple steps, you can have a high quality image in your hands. All you have to do is take the picture with your smartphone, send it through the app to the printer, and in about 10 seconds you will get a 62mm x 46mm (2.44in x 1.81in) photograph.

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Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Printer in Action

Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Printer Details

Just in case you weren’t aware of SP-1, the instax SHARE SP-2 is a better version than its predecessor. It is smaller and weighs less, with higher image resolution from the new 3-color OLED printing engine and a speedier print time that makes it 40 percent faster than the SP-1.

The image quality for the SP-2 has a resolution of 800 x 600 at 320 dots per inch (dpi) with 256 levels per color (RGB), compared to the 640 x 480 resolution at 254 dpi of the SP-1. Fujifilm’s more than 80 years of experience in the film industry has been applied to create the instax technology, which has been designed to improve color development and preservation.

The instax system develops colors by delivering the light to pigments and producing chemical reactions. This helps it protect images from the ravages of time by lowering the deterioration of color and sharpness for image stability, just like silver-halide photographic prints.

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Another image improvement technology is the Fujifilm Intelligence Filter, which uses a processing technology called Image Intelligence. It brightens dark images so you won’t waste the film on pictures you can’t see. The SP-2 also has a new filter with brightness, normal and contrast, as well as the black & white and sepia that were available on the SP-1.

The Instax connects to your smartphone with IEEE802.11b/g, and you can print up to 100 images with a single charge from the lithium-ion battery. The device is pretty small, at only 89.5mm x 131.8mm x 40mm (3.5in x 5.1 x 1.5) and weighing in at 250g or 8.8 ounces without battery and film pack.

The film pack prints 10 photographs, with a very neat feature that lets you make another copy with a push of a button. So if you want to share a particular image with your friends, all you have to do is push the reprint button. And the 10 led lights let you know how many more images you can print before you have to change another pack.

Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Printer

When you are ready to print, you can add date, time, location, weather, as well as social media data, including profile photo, number of likes, caption and hashtags. This information can be printed on the many different templates available as part of the app. This includes, new split and collage templates for the SP-2, along with seasonal, real time, limited edition, square and standard templates.

Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Printer - Collage

Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Printer - SplitFujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Printer - Social Media

The business case for the instax SHARE SP-2 is not that clearly defined. While it is obvious it can be a lot of fun, what are the possible business applications? Businesses in a creative field will probably find some use for it, but the image quality may not be up to par for professional applications. With a price tag of $199.00, and a 60 pack of the instant film going for $37.89 on Amazon, it remains  to be seen what creative ways businesses will use the Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2.

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