10 Non Tech Startup Ideas for Businesses (Video)

Think every business idea needs to include high tech tools and complicated gadgets? Think again! There are actually still tons of non tech startup ideas for businesses that don’t involve much technology at all – even in 2016.

Non Tech Startup Ideas are Still Worth Pursuing

Skills that might seem a little old fashioned like woodworking, baking and even cleaning can still lead to successful business opportunities. And the video above shows even more low tech business ideas that you can start fairly quickly and easily starting today.

A lot of entrepreneurs are excited to jump right into an exciting new app idea or try inventing a new type of groundbreaking technology. But for others, the idea of technology being so critical in the business world can be quite intimidating.

If you fall into that latter category and the idea of starting a high tech business is more overwhelming than exciting, you don’t need to let go of your entrepreneurial dreams. Think about the skills you do have and consider whether or not they might fit well with one of the low tech business ideas that are still very viable today.

Make sure to also check out the full list of 50 low tech businesses you can start.

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    In this technological age, it is easy to think that businesses should be related to technology. But I think that handmade and other types of businesses are slowly entering the business scene.

    • There’s just so many different options out there – so it’s important that people don’t assume that they HAVE TO go the tech route

  2. Along the same lines as personal chef, food trucks are really popular right now and Millennials especially are seeking out new place to eat all the time.

    • So true – and there aren’t as many costs involved with starting a business like that as there would be with a traditional restaurant

      • Martin Lindeskog

        It is funny that you are mentioning food trucks. I have started a site together with some people, called, StreetFoodGuiden. It is in Swedish. We have seen that it is a bit of a challenge to start a food truck here in Gothenburg, with permits, road and other agency fees, etc.